Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Guess Who's Potty Trained?

While Cooper was playing this morning, he told me he had to poo poo in the potty!!!!!!! Can you tell our life revolves around Coop and his poop right now! Geez! My mom and dad are on a 2 week vacation and every time Coop goes to the restroom, I either call her or text her and we celebrate! And I don't know how many texts I've sent Josh at work telling him all about Coop's potty breaks!

Original Post:
Ok, maybe not TOTALLY potty trained...but almost!!! ; ) Coop's definitely got #1 down. He caught on really fast and hasn't had an accident in about a week. We don't even have to reward him anymore! We're still struggling with public restrooms though. He's gone one time and was totally cool with it, but now he seems terrified again! We'll see. He can hold that bladder like a champ!! Now #2...it's still a little bit of a struggle. The main problem is I don't think he associates that when he's pushing....it creates poop and that he needs to do that in the potty. That's why I was a little nervous about starting pt because he's never been that kid that tells you he has a dirty diaper and he wants it changed. Quite the contrary actually! He would run from us because he DIDN'T want his diaper changed...it was such a beating! But, we have been SUPER lucky on catching him right before or right as he starts, and we get him to the potty on time. He get's super excited about it when he does go on the potty, so we don't have any issues with being scared of saying bye bye to poop! Don't ask me where he got it, but Josh said something about putting turtles in the potty! That somehow made sense to Cooper! He thought it was hilarious and now he always talks about "making turtles in the potty!" Whatever works....right?? We have had accidents though. In fact, yesterday he was sitting on the potty and I was reading him a book and he got up and went in the other room and pooped on the floor. Today, he was sitting on the baby potty and started going and stood up and ran to the big potty to finish! So, I don't know! He's not resistant to it at all, so I know he'll get it!!! It just stinks having to stay home in order to catch him in action before we go out for the day! I will tell ya...this is an exhausting experience! But, I'm thankful I started now because I know he'll have it down before Whitten gets here! And thanks to my mom!!! I was ready to give up after the first day, but she gave me the motivation (and certain tips) to keep it going! Good thing!

Don't ask!!!! Coop thought it would be fun to wear his swimming goggles around the house!

This is Coop's first wasp sting! Yikes! We were at my Mimi's house! Cooper was begging to go in the backyard! Mimi and I were talking when all of the sudden we heard a blood curdling scream! So sad! I didn't have his Epi-pen with me, so as soon as he settled down, we headed back to the house just in case he had a reaction. Thankfully, he didn't!! But, it's been three days and his hand keeps swelling up and it itches really bad!

Friday, July 23, 2010

How Does this Always Happen...

Josh and I have been saving for months in order to remodel our house. We finally decided to bite the bullet and do it all at one time. All new tile flooring (we have wood, but figured with 2 rowdy boys, that tile would be more durable), new baseboards, gut the kitchen and replace cabinets and and granite countertops, and paint the entire interior. But ya see, we live in an old house...build in the late 50's, so instead we to spend our "remodeling money" on this.....

We found a slab leak in our kitchen. $1000...no big deal, it doesn't set us back that much! But when they tore out our tile in the kitchen, another monster was discovered. Our drainage system (I guess the sewer stuff??) was no longer draining and was collecting old nasty water right in the same area of the slab leak. They had to bust up our patio and ruin our pretty back yard to get it all fixed. At the end of all this mess...we are left with a sad looking backyard and no remodeling! Well, we think we can still get the floors done right now, but I really wanted it all done before the baby got here! Pooo...

Can someone please explain to me why my child has such terrible table manners. I just don't get it?? Oh, but you see those cute little undies he's wearing. I've got good potty news...in the next post!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

PT Update!

Potty training seems to being going much better than I expected! I think we've got peeing in the potty down. But not in public places! Cooper is terrified of public restrooms! I don't know how in the world I'm going to deal with that!! Any suggestions?!?
We had our first "other" accident this morning...after 8 days of being successful. I'm pretty sure we just got lucky with our 8 day streak because we were homebound and I was right on top of him....watching his every facial expression!! I don't think he really understood when he had his accident though! I put the evidence in the potty and explained to him that we don't poop in our underwear, he just looked in the potty and said with great excitement, "Look, I poo pooed in the potty!" Um....no, that was in your underwear and mommy had to put it in the potty! "Mommy, I poo pooed in the potty. I get popsicle!" So, only time will tell on that issue! Anyhow, this is an exhausting experience, but I will be so happy if it actually works out by the time Whitten gets here!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sweet Whitten!

I love seeing his name written! The blue bib is from my church friends and the burp cloths were a fun surprise from my mom!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Potting Training!

Let me preface this by saying, first of all I know you could care less, and second of all....I always make fun of people that write about "poop and pee" and now I'm that person! So go ahead and make fun!!! : )
So, the time has come! We started the potty training adventure on Monday! Here we are 3 days later and I'm proud to say that we've had much success! I had everything all planned out on Monday morning. I was going to let Coop wake up, eat his breakfast and then put him in his big boy underwear. I just knew he was going to be oh so excited to get to wear real underwear like daddy! Um...nope!!! He was not at all impressed with the underwear and kicked and screamed for his diaper! I was ready to throw in the towel after the first 15 minutes....but I thought, what the heck, I'll just give him a day and see what transpires!
He wanted nothing to do with underwear that morning, so he just went "Nakey-Noo Noo" and that was fine! I loaded him up with liquid and sat his little hiney on the potty and let him watch whatever would keep him close. I really wanted to train him to the big potty, but after the first hour, I knew that just wasn't going to work! We had a couple of accidents the first day, but several successes. I really think he needed to poop because all of the sudden he started crying for a diaper and tried to hide! But nothing ever happened and he went down for his nap. Later that day he was standing if front of the toilet and I saw "the face" and knew something was happening. I tried to make him sit, but he didn't want to....somehow we managed get the poop in the potty and not on the floor. We did a dance and sang a bunch of silly songs and he thought it was the coolest thing to flush it down!! So, as of right now, he is not attached to his poop!!
For the rest of the day, he just sat in front of the tv, drank watered down tea (i know...but the doc said to saturate them with whatever they will drink) and peed in the potty without really knowing. But we celebrated and he started to realize what what was going on!!
Day 2 was great! He decided that underwear wasn't all that bad (although he's having a hard time pulling them off in time). He started catching and stopping himself and getting to the potty. No poop on day 2. Day 3 (today) was even better! He's really understanding when he needs to pee. I decided to let him go about his business and play wherever in the house to see if he could really catch himself. Let the accidents begin....or not!!!! He would either go straight to the potty and pee or go just a little in his underwear, realize what he was doing....and then sit down and finish! Yay! He pooped while he was sitting on the potty watching tv....so we celebrated, but I don't know if he really knew what he was doing?? We'll have wait and see!
Have I mentioned we are homebound during this process! We stay at home ALL day and go to the potty! I just follow him around and get absolutely nothing done! It's draining, but hopefully it will be worth it! My mom comes over and keeps me company, so that's awesome! Coop's brain is also going to be mush after this week because of all of the tv he's watched! I just try not to think about it. We're getting somewhere with this potty thing, and next week the tv is going off.
I'm going to wait until next week before I venture out with him. He's only peed on the big potty twice, so that will have to be a transition we have to make. But right now....I'm okay with the training potty!
Filling up my bladder!!!

Watching something on daddy's phone while hanging out on the big potty!

Monday, July 5, 2010

An Unmet Milestone...

When we went in for Coop's two year check up, he passed the test with flying colors....you know the milestone test? He just missed one question "Does he dress himself?" Ummm....hmmm....yea, I don't think so!! What 2 yr. old boy has the desire to dress himself? He loves to be naked (read previous post). I have a hard enough time getting his clothes on....he's not going to willingly not be naked! To be completely honest, I hadn't really thought about letting him try to dress himself! So, I put him to the test a couple of weeks ago. And here is the result! He worked on this for about 5 minutes straight! Guess, we're going to have to practice a little bit more! Up next....potty training! Wish me luck! (By the way, this is my second post of the day! Can you tell I'm really ready to see my little guy)!!

Nakey-Nu Nu!

I have no idea how to spell that....but it means being NAKED!!! It's one of Cooper's all time favorite things to do these days!! When he get's out of the bath, he runs all over the house yelling "NAKEY-NU NU"!!! He'll hide under our kitchen table and we pretend we can't find him and then he'll jump out and jet across the house screaming "Nakey-Nu Nu" and hide in another spot! It's pretty stinkin' hilarious and so much fun to watch him dart across the house naked as a jay bird!! No modesty here!! By the way, I get to see my little Nakey-Nu Nu tomorrow! It's been waaaaaaay too long, and I'm just about to lose it!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Bye Bye Baby...

My sweet Coop is leaving today to go to the lake with his Gabby and Grumps! We will be meeting up with him on Tuesday, but that's 5 days away!!!! He is absolutely smitten with with Josh's parents, so I know he's going to have a blast...and probably not miss me one bit! I'm looking at this as a great opportunity to get some things ready for Whitten! My gosh....I've done nothing.... zero.... nada!!!! We have about 11 weeks left, so I've got to get on the ball! It's like I've never had a baby before because I don't even know where to start! Hey, he's got a name! : ) When is that "nesting" thing supposed to kick in?? I'm just not really motivated to go through all of Coop's old clothes and sort and wash and organize....clean out closets!! Ugh! That just doesn't sound fun. I never had the nesting instinct with Cooper either. Well, considering we lived in a tiny 1 one bedroom apt. when he was born, moved 2 weeks later into my parents house for 2 months....I didn't have much of an opportunity to get things "together"! We just kind of had to swing it! I was hoping that living in a house and being able to prepare a nursery would kick me into gear, but so far it hasn't! Maybe this weekend something magical will happen!
Still waiting for this buzz cut to grow out! I hate it....it doesn't even look like Cooper!