Sunday, October 31, 2010

Whitt's First Day at Church!

Too bad we couldn't get a family picture! A 2 yr. old isn't patient enough for the camera timer!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Who Needs a Maid....

When you have a 2 yr. old that loves to clean (and cries and throws a fit if you don't let him!!)! If only this lasted through his teen years! sweet hubby is actually letting me get a maid! She comes for the first time next Friday and I am PUMPED!!!! I just don't know how in the world you can keep a house clean with 2 babies!

These next pictures were taken 10 days apart. I'm loving me some baby fat!!!!!
October 20!

October 30!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Cooper has done so amazingly well with the transition of having a new little body in our house! I was so scared that it was going to be a nightmare, but he has completely blown me away with how much he loves his baby brother! It's like he has always existed! Anytime Whitt cries, Cooper tells me that he's houngry (I don't know how to spell it the way he says it!) or he tells me he is mad! He loves to hold him and love on him. He pats and kisses on his little head. And he is constantly tell me "Baby Whitten is coot".
Coop likes to get in Whitt's bed and pretend to sleep!

Can you believe that Cooper even shares his frog with Whitt!!!! Now that's love!

I just had to add these!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Little Whitt-Bit!

Our one month photo session didn't go so well! See...

So, I put him on his changing table, stripped off his clothes and he was much happier! See....

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

Whitt's One Month Stats!

Weight: 9 lbs. 12 oz-75 % WOWZERS!!! Fatty Magee! Whitt's gained 3 lbs. 11 oz. in one month! Coop was always in the 10-25% for weight!
Height: 21 1/2 inches-between 50 and 75%. He's grown 2 1/2 inches in one month!
Head circumference: 14 1/2 inches-25%. What can I say...we all have little noggins in our fam!

We had a scary episode with Whitten a few nights ago. I've had a cold for a week now! I completely lost my voice for 3 days and had a really hard cough. I was super nervous Whitt was going to get it, so I went to the doctor just to make sure. He basically said it was viral and there was really nothing he could do. He told me that there was no way that Whitten wouldn't be exposed, so to just keep nursing him and going about our daily routine! On Tuesday night after I nursed him, I couldn't get a burp out. So I laid him down in his crib for the night. He was fussy and Josh went in there to try to burp him again. Well, instead of a burp, he threw up all over Josh's shoulder and then threw his head back and immediately breathed in his throw up. We didn't realize right away that he was struggling to breathe because we were busy cleaning up. All of the sudden I looked at him knew something wasn't right! Josh went into doctor mode and flipped him over on his belly and started beating on his back. He was able to cry out, but couldn't inhale. His eyes were bugging out of his head and you could tell he was in major pain. Any time Josh stopped beating on his back, he would just stop breathing all together. After about 5 minutes, I decided I needed to call someone so they could help us out because he was really struggling and we were not able to get things under control. So 911 it was. Funny side story real fast! Josh had some things stolen out of his truck recently, so I told him we needed to start turning our alarm on again. Well, I always check if our garage is down before we go to bed, and when I opened the door to check, the alarm went off....and it's loud enough to wake up the neighbors...but Cooper didn't even move! So we reset it! When the emergency crews got here...we set it off again...and Coop didn't rouse one single bit! That boy could sleep through a tornado! Bad night to decide we needed to start setting the alarm! Anyway...back to the scary story! It truly felt like an eternity while we waited for 911 to get to our house! I even called a second time to see if they were really coming! Whitt was still continuing to struggle to breathe and CPR was the next step! However, as soon as they showed up W was able to dislodge whatever was choking him. He continued to foam at the mouth for about 30 minutes afterwards, but things seemed to calm down rather quickly. The crew stayed at our house for about 20 minutes to check his lungs and to make sure he was stable. They were super sweet and didn't comment on my pink robe and tall socks, Josh being in his boxers and my big ole boobie bra sprawled out on the couch! Whitt was very pale and clammy and had the shakes after all of the trauma! As soon as everyone left, he just passed out and slept for 7 hours. He slept in his swing 2 feet way from me while I slept on the couch! And no, I didn't sleep that night! If he was breathing too loud, I was worried he had junk in his lungs. If I couldn't hear him breathing, I was worried that he wasn't breathing at all! So, I think I got a whopping 30 min of sleep that night! I had to wake him up to eat! He ate for maybe 5 min and fell back asleep for several more hours! Guess that just wiped him out! It sure freaked us out! It's definitely not a moment I ever want to relive!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Whitten's Birth Story

A planned c-section doesn't consist of much excitement, but I thought I might write down a few highlights so that I will remember this special day!
I guess to start his birth story, I have to back up and tell a little bit about my pregnancy! I had been having braxton hicks contractions since week 10! No big deal because I had them that early with Cooper...I just didn't know what they were! They continued throughout my entire pregnancy but became the real deal towards the last few weeks. I knew they were much much harder, but I just assumed that because Whitten was so far down, that I was just having more pressure with the contractions!
The night before we were to go in for our scheduled delivery, I was exhausted! I hadn't slept very well in about 6 weeks due to these crazy contractions that I would have all night long....along with a very busy baby that liked to throw parties in the middle of the night! But, when my head hit the pillow on Sept. 14 I knew I was going to sleep well! And I did...for about 2 hours! Coop woke up screaming at the top of his lungs and I thought he was having a nightmare! Josh ran in there to check on him and he was just beside himself! I kept trying to make out what he was saying and realized the reason he was crying was because I had moved his Woody doll when I went to check on him (yes, I still check to see if he's breathing before I go to bed)! He was crying, "Daddy, where's my Woody? Daddy, where's my Woody?" Oh my! I went in there, grabbed Woody from his dresser and gave it to him. He immediately dried up his tears. Josh told him he loved him, and Cooper said I love you too, Daddy...and promptly fell back asleep! Me, not so much!!!! I was wide awake for the rest of the 3 hours I had left to sleep! So up at 4:30 we were!!
We headed to the hospital and ran into our nurse as we were walking into the door! She said, "Are you Bethany?' Yep...and she took us right to our room! No waiting for us! I got all hooked up and was ready to go! However, as soon as my iv started flowing I became an icicle!! Frozen! I was shivering so hard that my whole body was convulsing! I know a lot of it had to do with nerves, but I just couldn't make it stop! We headed to the OR and they gave me a heated blanket! felt so good! So on the table I go! When I had my c-section with Coop, everyone was rushing and getting down to business! They were getting things done in a hurry because they wanted to get him out! Not so much this time around! Talk about lollygagging!! Everything felt like it was in slow motion. Nobody was in a hurry...except for me! Sooooo, in goes the spinal....not a pleasant experience! I didn't even feel it with Coop, but this time it felt like they were jabbing a metal rod through my spine! I'm pretty sure they didn't numb me at all! In no time I felt like I was going to hurl! I was trying not to say anything because I thought I would feel better any second! I just kept swallowing and swallowing....hoping that would keep things down! But I must have looked green because as soon as the anesthesiologist looked at me he was like, "Whoa, are you feeling ok?" Nope...I'm going to puke any second! So he shoved my head to the side into a pink bucket, gave me something to raise my blood pressure and I felt better in a matter of about 1 minute! Whew! After that,I kept wiggling my toes to make sure I was going numb (that's a total fear of mine) and I got in trouble! They told me to STOP!! Ok, then!!!
When you have a c-section, your arms are strapped out to the side of your body. Because things were taking so long, my arms started to go numb and all I wanted to do was put them down by my side. Sounds funny, but that was probably the most uncomfortable part of the operation! They finally let me cross them over my chest and that helped, but I was still annoyed!
Let the cutting begin! As soon as they started cauterizing my belly, Josh looked at me and said, "Ew, do you smell that?"! Apparently it stinks really bad! Ha! All of the sudden my doc asked me if I had been having contractions. Absolutely...since week 10! But the last couple of weeks they had been super hard and painful! He said my cervix was paper thin. I guess the contractions were the real deal and I would have gone into labor any day! Crazy!! And I have to mention this next part ....just because I will never have abs like I did before Whitt! I did get them back after I had Coop because I had time to workout! I have a feeling that I won't be going to the gym all that often and the abs are going to suffer!!! Ha! Anyway, while they were cutting way, my doc asked me if I worked out! He was impressed as he was cutting through my muscles! So even though I haven't done a situp in 9 months, I guess I still had a little bit of muscle mass...or it was all of those contractions I had giving me a work out!
Soooo....out comes Whitten David Jones at 7:56 am!!!! We heard him cry right away, but something didn't sound quite right! It was a very wet cry and I knew instantly something was wrong! They showed him to me and then whisked him away to work on him. Apparently, he aspirated! Very scary when you have no idea what going on behind that blue sheet!! He had to be on oxygen for about 9 hours! That's right...I didn't get to see or hold little Whitt for 9 hours! It was awful! But, he got to experience what it was like being an astronaut because they had him in some kind of helmet giving him oxygen! I never got to see it....and nobody got pictures, but I bet he had fun pretending he was on the moon! Thankfully I was so doped up(hanging out on the moon myself) that I slept most of the time he was being worked on!
Funny (not so funny) story! When they were stapling me up, they couldn't get the staples to go in on one spot! They kept popping out and flying across the room! It's the abs of steel!!!! HA! One time, the girl didn't know where the staple went and she said she hoped it didn't fall into my incision! The other girl was like, "No, I think I heard it fall on the floor over here." Nice!!!! Well, I'm still crazy sore in that same spot! It feels like acid is being poured on it when i cough or move in a certain way! I guess I need to get that checked out!
So, we went in on Wednesday and were home by Friday! And life as you know it is simply amazing....and tiring!!!! Here is the rest of the hospital pics!
P.S. Please excuse the sloppy writing and grammar mistakes! I'm not about to go back and proofread this! I barely had enough time to write it in the first place! Maybe I will correct it when Whitten reads it in a couple of years!

Going Home!!!!!!