Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!!

I've been blessed with some great men in my life! Happy Father's Day!!

I love you so very much! You have been such a great father and I'm so thankful that I am your daughter. You are a quiet man, yes, but a man that I have always quietly admired! You have always been such an amazing provider for our family; often in sacrificial ways. For that, I can never thank you enough. I didn't realize until I became an adult and had a family of my own just how much you sacrificed....and still do! Coop and Whitt love you so much and I'm so happy you are part of their daily lives! It's a gift knowing that Grandpa is just a few miles away. I love you so much and we are so blessed to have you in our lives!

Thank you so much for raising your son to be such a wonderful man. From listening to the stories of his youth, I am quickly realizing that our boys are being raised in a similar fashion....and I couldn't be happier. They are already on the road to learning respect and honesty.... and what will happen if disrespect or dishonesty is shown!!! ; ) Josh loves, admires and respects you....and it shows! I pray that our boys will learn the same great qualities! Thank you for being such a loving father-in-law and Grumps to our boys! I love you!

You are the perfect husband and father. I'm so thankful to have a man in my life that completes me and completes our family in every way. Our boys are beyond blessed to have a man like you in their lives. It's amazing to see how strong of an influence you have on them already. Cooper idolizes you and wants to be just like you...and Whitten thinks you are the funniest person in the whole wide world!!
I will never have the words to thank you enough for providing for our family in a way so that I can stay home with our boys. I've said it before and I will say it again...it is the best gift you could ever give me. I couldn't have asked for a better partner, friend, provider, and father! Cooper, Whitten and I are all so grateful to call you "ours"! I hope you had a wonderful Father's Day! I love you so very much!

Cooper and Whitten,
I hope that one day you will both understand how truly blessed you are to be the son of such an amazing man. Your daddy loves you more than you will ever know and I pray that some day you will be able to grasp that type of love when you have children of your own! And as much as your daddy loves you, your Father up above loves you a million times more. His love is a love that runs so deep that there is no way that even I can understand it. I pray that as you both grow, you will accept God's love and accept him into your heart and live a life that is only for Him.

And one with Mommy (Cooper was throwing a hissy fit in because he wanted a popsicle before church....and I said "no"!!)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

9 month stats and pics...

Wow...3 more months and my sweet boy will be 1! Craziness! Whitten had his 9 month check up today and he seems to be a pretty healthy little guy. Thank you, Jesus! I don't ever want to forget how blessed we are to have two healthy boys.

Whitten's 9 month stats

Weight: 20.3 lbs.(50 %)
Height: 30 inches (95%) He took quite a big jump in the past 2 months!! He grew about 2 1/2 inches!
Head circumference: 17 1/4 inches (25%)

Cooper's 9 month stats

Weight: 18.4 lbs (25%)
Height: 29.5 inches: (90-95%)
Head circumference: 16 3/4 inches (5%)

What's Whitt up to these days?!

-Well, we are having another sleep dilemma! You have been sleeping through the night for the past 2 months (after we ferberized you). But this past week, you have been waking up for a bottle. You are really snotty....and we are thinking you are having another growth spurt....so I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt this week. After this week, it's back to the ole Ferber method if you aren't back to sleeping through the night!!! Before these recent shenanigans, you're normal night schedule was down for bed at 7 and up between 6 and 7. 1st nap: 9-10:30. 2nd nap: 1:00-3:00.

-You usually take about 5 bottles a day. You are eating 3 meals of stage 2 baby food. Mommy makes your food sometimes, too! It just depends on what is fresh and....if I've been to the grocery store! However, you are dying to eat table food. You took a big ole bite of my honey dew the other day and just chomped away. You love to lick our food and desperately try to take bites. Which brings me to the reason you are NOT eating table food....

-You still do not have one single tooth in your mouth....or even a hint of one! Hello teeth...are you in there?!?!?!

-You can wave (grandpa taught you how)

-You have moved up to a size 4 diaper.

-12 month clothes.

-You have been rocking back and forth for almost 3 weeks...but still not quite crawling. You know what to do with your hands and can scoot your knees about two times, but then you flop on your belly and "swim"!! You get really frustrated when you can't get somewhere. I thought for sure you would be crawling by 9 months, but I think it is going to take a few more weeks!
***Update: You decided that it was time to crawl! Right after your nap, I put you down in the living room....and away you went! Way to go, Whitters! Video to follow soon!***

-You are making all sorts of noises. The typical dadadada, dededede, babababa. I've heard the mamama, but not very often. You have the highest pitch scream in the whole entire world. I'm pretty sure you could shatter glass!

-You're still obsessed with your brother and think he is the funniest person ever. I'm pretty sure he feels the same about you. I love that y'all can keep each other entertained for long periods of time!

-You're starting to have some stranger danger and you LOVE your momma!!! If you're in "mommy" mood and I happen to walk away...total melt down! I have to admit, it's nice to be loved!

-Daddy can make you laugh almost as hard as Cooper can.

-You still have no desire to cuddle at all! Every once in a while you will rest your head on my shoulder and it makes me fall to pieces. But that's about all I get! You do love quick hugs and I kiss all over you whether you like it or not!! ; )

And here is my precious dimpled baby boy who absolutely lights up my world! Happy 9 months, Whitten!

And here is my other beautiful baby boy at 9 months! I know I say it all of the time...but they are oh so different...and I LOVE it!

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Whittle bit of Whitters (and his first bite mark)

My first bite mark. My good friend Blayde thought I looked pretty tasty!! Can you blame him?!? My mommy tells me I'm delicious all of the time!

After bath hair!

(My favorite toy. I get highly offended if someone tries to take it away from me!)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

3 year pictures!

I found a great photographer in town that did amazing job with Coop's 3 year pictures. She absolutely captured his personality!

Whitt and Nanny