Friday, November 14, 2014

Whitten turns FOUR

This post is only 2 months late.....
My sweet, sweet Whitten!  You have grown leaps and bounds this year!  You have completely come out of your shell and have become a full on comedian!  You are hilarious and just so much fun! You are still shy around people you don't know, and your defense mechanism is to turn into a kitty!
Some fun facts about you:

  • You are so incredibly smart!  You know around 50-75 site words and are reading Bob books pretty fluently.  
  • Your favorite TV show is still Umi-Zoomi
  • You eat either chicken nuggets or a grilled cheese sandwich every day for lunch.  But you love fruit and veggies.  Your favorite treat is a spinach, blueberry, banana smoothie! 
  • You love for me to kiss your back every night!  And you are always up for a good back scratchin'!
  • You started pre-school this year and are doing great so far!
  • You still say your best friend is Matthew Scaglione. 
  • You rarely walk anywhere.  You either skip, gallop, run, tip toe, crawl like a bear.....
  • Your smile and laugh is infectious!
  • You still want to be just like Cooper.  Whether it's riding a bike without training wheels, tying your shoes, or eating something you don't like....You always say you will do it when you are 6 like Cooper!  
You amaze me in more ways you will every know!  You are my sunshine and I am so proud of the little boy that you are!

Birthday Party!  It was so cold!  Would would've guessed in September!

You are so excited to be FOUR tomorrow!!

Morning of your birthday!

 Progression pictures of your big brother agitating you!!  

And we ended your day at Chuck E Cheese!