Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More pictures from East Tx...

Here are the rest of our pictures from our time in East Texas last week!

Looks like Whitt wants to take a bite out of Charli!
Hanging out on the dock eating a popsicle!

Charli 7 weeks; Whitten 7 months

Cooper got jealous so had to get in on the action, too!

Sweet Charli girl!
Cooper and Uncle Judd!
It's L-O-V-E!!

Hanging out in Jadi and Judd's backyard! Amazing!

Whitt going fishing with Daddy!
Grumps and Charli
I mean, don't you just want to take a bite out of those cheeks!?

And, of course, Nakey-Nu Nu hiding in Gabby's closet!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Brotherly Bath Time!

It's so nice to be able to give the boys their bath at the same time! And, of course, they really enjoy each other's company!

Cooper's exact words..."Look mom, I'm going to catch Whitten." Then he proceeded to "cast" his fishing pole and it landed right on top of Whitt's head! Didn't seem to bother him much!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

7 month stats

I know I should be posting 6 month stats, but....well, we kind of got behind! It's going to make comparing the boys' sizes difficult because just one month at this age can make a huge difference in their growth!

Whitten's 7 month stats

Weight: 18 lbs. 14 oz (40-50%). We were shocked that he didn't weigh more!!!!

Height: 27 3/4 inches (75%)

Head circumference: 17 inches (25 %). Hey...he has a really big head compared to Cooper at this age! He was only in the 5th %.

Cooper's 6 month stats

Weight: 15 lbs. 13 oz. (45%)

Height: 27 inches (80%)

Head circumference: I don't know why I don't have this recorded!! I think it was like 15 3/4 inches (5%)

What is my little dimpled angel up to these days...besides being totally adorable and super delicious.....

-Remember when I used to brag about you sleeping through the night! Well, I should have knocked on wood because I knew it was too good to be true! Lately you have been waking up twice a night. I try to let you cry during the first waking, but I'm so tired, that I often give in and give you a bottle. I know you don't need one at 12:00 a.m.!! So tonights the night, buddy! No more feedings 5 hours after you have gone to bed! I'm going to be strong!!! You usually wake up a second time around 5 and 6. This is totally okay with me! I won't let you starve at this feeding! But what happened to my 12 hour a night sleeper!?!? Hopefully, you will return soon!

-Your go to bed between 7 and 7:30.

-You are napping 2 -3 times a day. Lately you have been really consistent with 3 naps. However, the time frame that you sleep always varies. Each nap usually lasts about an hour....with 2 hour wake times between each one! Sometimes the naps are longer, sometimes shorter! Baby, I'm so happy that you nap! Your brother was not a fan!! You, however, LOVE nap time!

-You are still able to put yourself to sleep. Sometimes you get a little worked up, but it's usually because your super tired or you want some more milk!

-You are still taking 6 bottles a day. You like to drink 4 ounces when you wake up and then take your other 2-4 ounces right before you go down. You rarely take more than 4 at a time. I was going to try really hard to break this habit, but I just can't get you to take more than that at one sitting...even if you are starving!!!! If it works for you, it works for me!!!

-You have oatmeal and a fruit in the morning and a vegetable at night. You are doing really well with solids. I'm going to try to be more domesticated this time around and make your baby food. So far the only thing I've "made" is avocado and bananas!!! You like them mixed together!

-You are still wearing a size 3 diaper.

-You are wearing 9-12 month clothes.

-You can roll both ways like a champ. However, you wont stay on your belly for long. Sweetie, this is why you have a flat head!!! BUT...you are starting to sleep on your belly. Sometimes you get stuck on your tummy in your bed and can't get back over because you will only roll one way. If you are up against your bumper...you can't get back over. It's so fun to watch you in the monitor try to figure out what to do!!

-You are a super sitter! You can sit for really long periods of time....playing with all of your toys!

-Still not a single tooth in sight!

-You absolutely love to smile and giggle! The smallest thing (or nothing at all) can make you smile! It makes those sweet dimples of your so worth it!

-You're all boy and love love love to play!

-Your favorite form of entertainment is watching your brother do...anything!

-You love people and are really interested in faces! You are starting to reach out for open mouth kisses...or to take a bite of my nose and cheek...can't tell!!

The pictures I posted last time when comparing the boys at 6 months was a mess up! I posted pics of Coop when he was 7 months old. I need to fix that some time!! Here is Cooper at 7 months.