Saturday, May 30, 2009

Exciting News!!!

NOOO....I'm not pregnant!!!! Hehe...I know that's the first thing I would have thought if I had seen that title. No, but really we do have exciting news....Coop is SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!! And you say, but Bethany, he's almost 13 months old! Yes, yes, I know! To give him credit, he's been sleeping through the night for the past 3 weeks, but I was super reluctant to write anything about it because I was scared I would jinx it! So, I am knocking on wood so hard right now, you don't even understand!! It's been a long time coming, and it is SO great to get a full night of sleep!!!!! However, I still wake up in the middle of the night and stay awake for about an hour...I guess my body is just trained!! Geez...I've been doing it for a YEAR!!! Maybe baby number 2 (and NO...we're not expecting!) will like to sleep!! YAY for Coop! Oh, just a little side story! We went to the grocery store today and he decided he needed to wave to everyone that walked past us. So needless to say, we talked to lots of complete strangers (who thought Coop was oh so adorable) and I forgot several things on my list! But hey, I couldn't help but let my shy child ham it up! He makes me laugh more than I have ever laughed in my life!

I don't ahve any recent pictures, so here's a pic of Coop sleeping with his Aunt Jadi! He was just a few days old here! Oh my...i miss holding that little peanut!

Silly Boy!

This video was taken last Tuesday night...on the way to Coop completely breaking out in his fully body rash! So if you look can see the beginning of his "yuck"!'s gone now! Yay!!!! I'm not going to post any pictures of the's pretty gross!! His legs are still not completely clear...but almost! Whew, I'm glad that is over! He really did look was so sad....and momma was a little scared! But I have my cute little man back now...and it's so great to kiss all over his clear face!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Cooper's had some kind of "yuck" the past week! He started out with a couple of rashy bumps on his legs, so I took him in to the doctor on Tuesday. Doc. said it was viral and said it should go away in 3-5 days. This is some kind of viral infection!! By Wednesday, the bumps on his legs turned major, and it began to spread to his trunk. By was full blown...covering his entire body. Josh wouldn't let me take him back to the I've just had to wait it out...wondering what in the heck is wrong with my baby! So, it's Sunday now, and it has subsided a bit, but he still looks like he has some kind of disease. At least I can look at his face now and see his pretty eyes instead of the yucky rash! The crazy thing is he actually feels fine. He ran a low grade fever for a couple of days, wasn't really interested in eating...but other than that he was all over the place! By the way...our baby no longer crawls...he is officially a WALKER!!!! If he falls, he'll get to a place where is can stand up so he can continue to walk. He just makes circles around our house all's so funny!!! I would post a video, but you would probably freak out at the way he looks!!! Anyway...he had his vaccinations 8 days before this all started happening....and as a mommy, you always freak out a bit because this is your baby and you can't help but wonder if they had something to do with this! All this vaccination hype freaks me out...but with a husband as a pharmacist...I have no choice!!! I know vaccines are necessary...blah, blah, blah....I'm just one of those mommies that worry...that's all!!! I'm sure our doctor is absolutely correct about the viral infection....I just tend to self diagnose with my oh so strong medical background!! So because I don't have any recent pictures of Coop because of his "yuck" here are a few of when he was a wee baby!!

1 week1 week

3 weeks

Saturday, May 16, 2009


When we were in East Texas the other weekend, Cooper sported some major curls! It was super humid and his hair just kinked right up! I was so jealous!

Mr. Crazy hair man!!! Coop had just woken up from a nap...and well, you know the rest! I can't resist crazy hair pictures!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy!

I know I'm about a week late, but I can't belive my baby boy is 1!!!! This year has flown by...please, just let me freeze time! I'm in love with this phase of Cooper's life, but oh how I wish I could turn back time and hold my little peanut! My goodness, he was so tiny! I have dreamed of being a mother my entire life...but my dreams don't hold a candle to my new reality! My son is so much more than I could have ever imagined! I mean, how can you possibly dream this big! I have to thank my husband for being such an awesome provider! He has given me the ultimate gift of staying home to raise our son! Cooper and I are so lucky to have such an amazing man in our lives. Cooper, you have been such a blessing in our lives this past year! We can't wait to celebrate many more birthdays with you!! Happy birthday, sweet boy!

20 weeks!! Already perfect!
38 weeks!! One of the MANY sonograms I had during the last trimester!

Daddy showing me off to our family for the first time!

Kisses from mommy!

My first smile! I love my daddy SO much!!!

Going home from the hospital! Coop was so tiny! He got down to 5 lbs. 10 oz! Little peanut!!

Future Texas Tech Raider!!

1 year the day! We haven't gotten his one year pics yet!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Gabby and Grumps!

1 year stats!
Weight: 20.5 lbs- 25%
Height: 31 in.- 90%

For Coop's 1 year check up, he had to have his blood drawn along with 3 shots! Bad day!!! Our sweet nurse found a good vein, but for some reason couldn't get his blood to draw. That darn needle was in his arm for a really long time before she realized she wasn't going to get anything. I know that's just really sad when you have to hold down your screaming baby. So we will have to go back another time to try again. = ( He was still hysterical when he had to have the shots. To top it off, he had a little reaction to his shots. Such a sad day,'s over!

We just got back from an awesome weekend at Josh's parents' house! Cooper absolutely LOVES the outdoors. If he was awake....he was outside! We found out that Mr. Man is severely allergic to eggs. That reaction he had to his birthday cake....I guess we can now confirm that eggs were the culprit. He celebrated his actual birthday while we were at Gabby and Grumps house!!! So the day after, Josh fed him some yummy eggs for breakfast. Of course mister picky eater loved them. However, the eggs did not love Coop! Scary stuff! He started coughing right after he ate them...but he had no other signs for about an hour. So I decided I could put him down for his nap. He fussed....he always fusses for a few minutes, but I was still really nervous about those stinky eggs. After 5 min. I went in to check on him and he had thrown up everywhere, his entire face is swollen, can't breathe out of his nose because of all of the mucous, and his chest was bright red with welps. Um....yeah, we were out in the middle of nowhere with no benadryl. So I stripped him down (throw up all over his clothes) and we sped off to a dollar general... thankfully they had benadryl. He cleared up rather quickly...but it was still really scary! No more eggs for Coop!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Birthday Fun!

Ok, so the title may not be all that appropriate! Coop's had a fever off and on all week....had hives last night..... and had another little fever today. He's been to the doc, and he said it was just a little viral infection! Even though he didn't feel like wearing his party pants today....the party must go on! He received lots of really cool gifts, and I know he can't wait to play with them tomorrow morning. Big boy was pooped and passed out without dinner tonight. SO.....the cakes!!!! Well, Josh thought it would be fun to have a bass (yes, the fish) cake. We couldn't find anyone in town that could do that, so Josh printed a picture off of the computer and gave it to the bakery. Um....well, I'm not quite sure what type of fish ended up on the cake, but it's NOT a bass. Coop's cake was supposed to be a cork, and well, it ended up looking like a Christmas ornament! Oh well!! Maybe I should start working on my cake decorating skills for next year....or, maybe not!!! AND...Coop ended up with a really bad reaction from the cake....we don't know exactly what it was, but check out the last pictures and see the sad birthday boy's face! We gave him some benadryl and it cleared up pretty quickly! His actual bday is not until next week. I'm sure this momma is going to be quite emotional!!!

The "bass" cake!!!

The Christmas ornament cake???
Happy Birthday Boy!

Mad Birthday Boy!

This cake's not too bad!

Um, ok....I'm over this already!

Sad....Coop's allergic reaction to the cake!