Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow Day and a couple of Cooper Funnies!

We had a beautiful snow day this past week! Too bad I wasn't well equipped!! We had to make Coop some "trash bag" shoes and he had no gloves! Next year I will be better prepared!!

Coop says something funny every single day, but this is my favorite story as of right now.......
Any time we see a "mature" lady in the grocery store, Coop always calls them Nanny (great-grandmother on Josh's side). Well, actually he screams "Nanny" until they turn around.... they usually always do and they give him a sweet smile and talk to him for a few seconds.....and he just flirts away!! Well, just the other day we were doing our usual grocery shopping....he was talking to every Nanny he saw and having a grand ole time! As we were pulling up to check out, our cashier was also an older woman with snow white hair. I just assumed he was going to give her the Nanny treatment as well! soon as we pulled up, Coop screams "SANTA!!!!!!!!". I was so stinkin' embarrassed that I just totally ignored him and pretended he wasn't my child!!! I can't even tell you what her reaction was because I couldn't look at her in the face! My sweet Coop sure keeps me on my toes!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Daddy's Little Helper!

I love it when Josh is home on warm afternoons! He just takes Coop outside and they go to town doing "boy" things while I'm in the and doing the dishes!!!! (ha, that sounded like I'm domestic....don't let it fool ya!) Coop absolutely loves to help his daddy with anything and everything! He's like a little puppy dog that follows him around begging for something to do! It's so stinkin' adorable! I'm sure Josh can't wait for the day when Coop can actually do outside chores!

B and Beeper!

Just to clarify the title...Cooper calls Belyn "B" and Belyn calls Cooper "Beeper"!!
Sweetest thing in the whole wide world! Belyn and Dee Dee came over last Tuesday afternoon while Coop was at MDO. It was B's nap time, so we just put her down in Coop's bed. When she woke up, C was home and they were absolutely filled with joy to see each other!!! Cooper grabbed Belyn by the hand and started walking all over the house with her.... telling her all about the birds and the big truck outside. He would not let go of her! They love each other so much and it just fills my heart to watch them play and love on one another! It's so fun that they are the exact same age! Lots of memories are in their future!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Reading with Daddy and Pooker!

I love that my baby boy calls himself "Pooker". He often switches the first two consonants and it is just tickles me so much that he is so confident in what he is saying!! He also calls his Gabby "Baggy"!! I'm sure she is looking forward to him growing out of that, but it sure is stinkin' cute!!! Baggy, if you're reading this.....he talks about you ALL of the time!!!! He calls Grumps something, but it changes all of the time!