Sunday, December 9, 2012


Will work for gum

I have to bribe this child to do anything these days...especially when it comes to anything related to learning!  
The reasons there are 2 "n's" is because he didn't like the way the first one looked!

First dentist visit!

Don't judge me, but Cooper has just now had his first dentist visit! almost 4 1/2.  In my defense, I have had several appointments scheduled, but for one reason or another, we had to cancel them!  But..great report!  No cavities!!!!!
Getting x-rays

School pics

Ignore the flash!  He has changed so much!!!

So far behind...Thanksgiving feast!

Thanksgiving feast!

Price, Cash, Cooper

Price, Cash, Cooper, Jaxon

By far the sweetest teacher ever!!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween, Cuteness, and Coop update!

Batman and Robin!  Perfect, right!!  Well, Whitt wasn't so sure about that!  As soon as he was able to go outside and start collecting candy, he was in a much better mood!

 Cooper's school Halloween party!

 Buddies Price and Jaxon

Mrs. Butler and Cooper

Cash and Cooper

 And some Sunday morning sweetness!

Oh...and don't be fooled!!  Unedited version...notice anything different?

       I just wanted to give a little update on Cooper!  He has a wonderful teacher this year!  Poor girl has her hands FULL with his class though.  There are 7 girls and 5 boys, but the boys are pretty rambunctious!  I asked Cooper the other day if any girls ever have to go to time out and he said no.  I asked why, and he smiled really wide and said, "Only the boys go to time out because we are ROWDY!"  He's gone to time out more in the first 6 weeks than he did all year last year. I am thankful that Mrs. Butler is not a pushover because Cooper will take every inch he can get.  However,  she has always been so sweet when she talks about him.  She explained to me the other day that Cooper is a leader and that all of the kids like him and want to play with him.  She may just be feeding me full of sweetness, but it's nice to have a teacher that compliments your kid!  He is really loving school this year.  He loves all of his buddies and it's so fun to see them start to develop true friendships!  
       He is so full of life and happiness.  There were a couple of months (a few months back) that he was starting to develop the 4 year old attitude.  However, it seems to have subsided and he went back to being Mr. Compliant and Mr. I Want to Please You!  Which is so nice!  BUT...I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that Whitten is in a super defiant stage and Cooper loves to be the good guy!  Ha!  I'll take what I can get!  It's better than him going the opposite direction and acting just as ugly as Whitt does to get attention!  It seems as if he is so snuggly lately!!  He's always been a little lover, but lately he has wanted to be as close to me as possible.  I swear if he could climb inside of my skin, he would!  I LOVE this part of his personality more than anything in the world because I know it will not last forever.  He is just so very gratifying and I'm so thankful for his kind heart!!  Cooper Boy, you are so very loved by your momma....and everyone else!  But nobody can love you like me! : )

Monday, October 22, 2012

Whitt Bit!

My sweet boy FINALLY feels better!  We've had a rough couple of weeks!  He had a yucky cold and then we swore he was getting his 2 year molars.  He would be starving and want to eat, but as soon as he started chewing, he would scream in pain and spit it out.  Well, he feels great now and is eating again, but I don't see any 2 year molars.  Who knows!!!  BUT, I am so happy to have my happy boy back!  However, the tantrums are now at a whole new level!  Whew!!  When he gets mad...he gets MAD!!  When things are going his way, life is great.  However, if you happen to ask him to do something to do he doesn't want to do.....I can't even describe the horrific-ness that ensues!  He's had lots and lots of time outs.  And for right now, it works.  We never did time-outs with Cooper!  Cooper was such a pleaser (and still is) that all we had to do is look at him and he would melt.  I'll never forget when I took Whitten in for a check-up when he was little bitty....he was screaming because Dr. N was touching him!  He told me over a year ago that Whitten was going to be the child that will hold his breath and thrown really bad temper tantrums!!!!!  Um....first of all,  how can you tell at 6 months old....second of all, he was TOTALLY correct!  Geez!  I love love love love that sweet boy, but we've got our hands full with him!  At least he's super duper cute!!!