Monday, October 22, 2012

Whitt Bit!

My sweet boy FINALLY feels better!  We've had a rough couple of weeks!  He had a yucky cold and then we swore he was getting his 2 year molars.  He would be starving and want to eat, but as soon as he started chewing, he would scream in pain and spit it out.  Well, he feels great now and is eating again, but I don't see any 2 year molars.  Who knows!!!  BUT, I am so happy to have my happy boy back!  However, the tantrums are now at a whole new level!  Whew!!  When he gets mad...he gets MAD!!  When things are going his way, life is great.  However, if you happen to ask him to do something to do he doesn't want to do.....I can't even describe the horrific-ness that ensues!  He's had lots and lots of time outs.  And for right now, it works.  We never did time-outs with Cooper!  Cooper was such a pleaser (and still is) that all we had to do is look at him and he would melt.  I'll never forget when I took Whitten in for a check-up when he was little bitty....he was screaming because Dr. N was touching him!  He told me over a year ago that Whitten was going to be the child that will hold his breath and thrown really bad temper tantrums!!!!!  Um....first of all,  how can you tell at 6 months old....second of all, he was TOTALLY correct!  Geez!  I love love love love that sweet boy, but we've got our hands full with him!  At least he's super duper cute!!!

Indian Guides!!

Coop and Josh had their first Indian Guides camping trip this past weekend!!!!!  They had LOTS of fun!!  They came back really tired and really dirty!  I would say the trip was a success!!!  How wonderful is it that my sweet boys have a daddy like Josh?!  They are so blessed!  We are so blessed!

 Cooper's sweet buddy, Preston!!!

 Cooper told Josh he wanted his pumpkin to look scary!  Umm...seriously!   I think Daddy took it overboard!!!!!

Coop and Cole!  Sweet buds!

 And guess who wanted to literally jump in my mouth when he got home!!!!  I got some MAJOR snuggle time!  I love that my precious boy missed me so much!!!  I seriously held him and kissed on him and loved on him for FOREVER!!!!  I was in heaven!!  Oh...and I got to love on my big boy, too!!!  I love that my boys had fun, but I loved it even more when they got home!!!! : )

Friday, October 19, 2012

First Camping Trip

Cooper and Josh headed out for their first Indian Guides camping trip this morning!!!  I know they will have a blast and make wonderful memories!  I love that my boys have a daddy like Josh!  They are so very blessed!!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Daddy time!

Complete and total blog neglect! Our lives have just been a bit busy lately, and I just haven't had the chance to sit down and document our crazy lives!  Since moving into our house, we've had a slab leak, roof leak and just today our kitchen sink backed up!!  Lovely!
In the midst of all of the craziness, we needed a little silly time!!  The boys had a great time the other night using their daddy as a jungle gym, and it was just too cute not to snap a couple of pictures!

(as you can tell from this picture, we still have some unpacking to do!!!!)

 This totally cracked me up!  Coop decided he wanted me to take pictures of him doing "gynastics"!!!  He's got some mad skills!!

Catching some air!