Monday, March 29, 2010

Back to Baggy and Box's house!

We got to take another fun trip to Josh's parents' house a few weekends ago! Sweet boy just loves it out there!!! Too bad it was crazy cold the 3rd day and even actually March....WHAT?!?

This is how our trip ended!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Just had to post some pictures of Cooper combing his hair with his toes!! Every time I put the camera up, his foot was practically behind his head, so I never got a great shot. He was so tired, I don't even think he knew what he was doing!!! He was even rubbing his eyes with his toes!

Here's Coop after his haircut (with morning bed head, of course)! And look how much hair he STILL has!! It's so thick and it grows like a weed!!! I'm so jealous!!! I think we're going to go for a funky hairstyle next time! Maybe a mohawk or something fun for the summer!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

What's Coop been up to??

I haven't been very diligent about writing down new and fun stuff that Cooper is doing these days, so I thought I better get some of it down before I completely forget!!!
  • Let me first start by saying that he is the most affectionate little guy I have ever been around! He loves hugs and snuggles and lounging around in our laps! He used to give big ole juicy kisses, but now he will just give you his forehead! He will kiss every inanimate object in the room.....the wall, the floor, elmo, his frog, his blanket, the door....but NOT A PERSON!!!! He will kiss our cat, Betty, though!
  • He has completely mastered recognizing his letters and several letter sounds and is beginning to actually try to sing the alphabet.
  • He knows several shapes and is a mean shape sorter...super fast! Heart, circle, oval, triangle, square, star, moon (crescent).
  • He can count to 10. Well...he starts with 2!!! It sounds like this two, tee, fou, fie, ix, seden, eight, nie, ten!! He can only identify the number 8.
  • We're still working on colors! He knows lots of color names, but doesn't correctly identify them. I THINK he knows blue. And every once in a while I think he knows yellow and purple, but I'm not for sure!
  • He is the king of silly walks!!!! You never know what new little jig he is going to come up with when he walks around the corner!
  • He's starting to try to sing when he hears songs that are familiar...but he gets embarrassed if you look at him and stops!
  • He has been a FABULOUS sleeper for the past several months! Crazy to think back to the days when he wasn't taking naps (or just one 45 min nap) and waking up 3 times a night until he was almost 1!!! He is now taking one 2-3 1/2 hour nap and he sleeps 12 hours a night. It is so stinkin' easy to put him down now, too! I used to have to pretty much rock him to sleep! But now we put him down smiling and talking.....and he's SO happy to be in his bed!!!
  • He would live outside if we would let him.
  • Funny one.....he can log roll like no other!!! If he starts going sideways, he stops and readjust himself to head in the right direction!
  • He is REALLY taking an interest in the potty.....and I'm so not ready. I may be reading his signs wrong, but I don't know. He talks about pee pee in the potty all of the time. He actually tried to pull me off of the potty twice saying he needed to pee pee, but by the time I him up there, he had already peed! I'm not ready to have to know where every bathroom is when we are out and about. And he still seems like such a baby....but I know he's not. : ( It seems like such a big boy milestone.
  • His favorite game is "Get U". The objective: To chase Cooper around until you're about to pass out!!!
  • He loves his peeps and doesn't want anyone else taking our attention away from him. I'm nervous about having a new little one around. He is going to be so jealous! But will eventually be an amazing big brother!!!
  • There are so many more...but I've got to get to bed!!!!
And a final note. Since being a mom, I finally know the meaning of "melts my heart". Every time I close my eyes at night, Coop's little face is the first thing I see! In the pitch dark, with a pillow over my head.....I can feel my face light up with a huge smile and I can truly feel my heart actually melt! It's such a specific feeling! The best feeling in the world!!!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This time around.....

So pregnancy this time around is definitely a different story! After two miscarriages, I feel like we are on track. I know things can change in a heartbeat, but it feels good this time. At almost 14 weeks, I'm finally feeling like a normal person again! I felt absolutely great with Coop the first trimester (besides being crazy tired....I took naps under my desk at school. and the smell of soap in our school bathroom really sent me over the edge...ugh....I can still smell when I think about it!!). However, I've had some yucky morning(ALL DAY) sickness this time around....and then *bam*....just like the books said, it was gone at 12 weeks! Well, not completely! I still have moments, but they're few and far between!

  1. I'm pretty sure it should be totally okay to not brush your teeth while pregnant! Yes...I still brush my teeth every day! I'm pretty much ocd about it....flossing every night and using my Sonicare for 2 cycles! BUT...if I even think about brushing my tongue I will totally gag! Just thinking about it makes me a little queasy! I actually threw up the other day after attempting the tongue.....never again! I remember having this issue when pg with Coop!
  2. TIRED....check! But again, around 12 weeks i stopped taking naps in the middle of the day....but I still go to bed around 9:00!!
  3. Huge boobs....check!
  4. Moody...check!
  5. Working out every day.....ahem!! Well, does once a week count!?! I was so active with Coop. I rarely missed a day. I only gained 17 lbs. But I think this time around I'm on track to gaining 117! The first week I found out I was pg I ate Taco Bell, McDonalds and pizza! I honestly can't tell you the last time I ate fast food before this pregnancy....not that I'm some health freak, I just don't really like it! Geez!!! Now that it's starting to warm up, I've got no excuse to at least take Coop for a walk every day!
  6. I didn't really show with Coop until I was about 6 1/2 months pregnant. I'm more than certain my belly with be popping out any day now!
  7. I totally envision us with 2 beautiful boys! I feel it in my bones, I dream about it, and I just can't see it any other way. Of course we would be thrilled with either a boy or a girl, but...I don't know!!!! Coop's been a dream and I would love to have another little Cooper! I can see Coop teaching his little bro all sorts of fun things!!! And hey....the Chinese calendar says there ya have it! It was right the first time around!

Let me see if I can find a pic to post with this long boring pregnancy update!
34 weeks pregnant with Cooper!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Somebody has a Secret.....

(I had to add his "cheese" picture because now he does this every time I get out the camera...whoops!!)
Due September 23!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I can't ever get Coop to pose for the camera, so it's usually an "on the go" shot. This morning I decided to teach him how to say "cheese" for the camera because he loves that word and I'm pretty sure it was his first....or close to it! Well, here's the outcome! And yes, he needs ANOTHER haircut...I'm so thinking about buzzing it. I think we've spent over $100 this past year on Coop's hair alone! Geez!

"Like this, Mom?"

"How 'bout this?"

" mean, like THIS??" Got it!