Friday, August 30, 2013

my silly, silly whitt

Color Run..and Bloodgusher

Courtnee, Leslie and I decided it was a fab idea to start training for 5k's!  Well, it was all good until Courtnee started kicking some major booty and left us in the dust!  Haha!  I totally plan on getting back into running as soon as I'm healed.  But we sure had fun in the two 5k's we did together!  Color run in Lubbock!!!!!  So fun....not timed! 

Bloodgusher!!!!!!  We actually got to wear a chip in our shoe!  AND...even better I got second place in my age division!  Yep.... Court got first!

After the race


Chip and pace

My silver medal!!!!  haha!!

Phone cam randoms (from a long time ago)

Coop and Price

Coop and Preston

Coop and Bonni

Phone funnies

Pictures that I never posted...more to come!  This was around Christmas time!!!  Geez.... Christmas time is almost here again!