Monday, March 28, 2011

Official Sitter

The day after my last post, Whitten decided to be an official sitter!! Yay! So at exactly 6 months 1 week and 5 days (ok, 6 1/2 months) our big boy is sitting proudly! He can even balance check himself when he's about to fall over! It's crazy how he couldn't do it one day, and the very next he could!! Cooper sat just about 2-3 weeks earlier but it's probably because I practiced with him more...I had nothing else to do! And the fact that Whitt is just a tiny bit umm....rounder than Cooper was at this age, may have had something to do with it!! ; ) On a real quick side note about his helmet. I'm starting to feel like I need to explain why he's wearing a helmet to every person we run into. I don't know why! I think he looks stinkin' adorable, but I'm sure people wonder what in the world is going on. I didn't think it would bother me....and honestly, it doesn't! I just feel like I need to tell people that he's totally normal and that the helmet was solely our decision for cosmetic reasons!! I know, I know! Silly! Anyway, here's some pics of our super sitter with his super cute helmet!!

Look, I can even play with my toys while sitting up! So cool!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sitting up and Helmet pics!

So, our little guy is sitting up (kind of)!! I don't think it will be too much longer before he's not taking face plants into the floor!! And yes, the comforter that he is on is mine from the 9th grade!!!!!

Look, Mommy! I'm a big boy!
OOhhhh...steady!!! (You can really see my flat head from this angle!!)
Whoops! Down I go!
Ahh, this isn't too bad!

And here is our little linebacker. Aint he cute!?

So the helmet process is going well so far! The official fitting was a nightmare! It was right smack in the middle of nap time, and Whitt was having none of it! He screamed bloody murder every time we put the helmet on him (we had to practice), and was a happy camper as soon as we took it off! I thought for sure this helmet thing was going to be miserable. So after driving to Addison and back in one day (a total of 12 hour in the car), our "day 1" was to start the next day! The schedule was...on one hour, off one hour, on one hour, off one our...all day! No sleeping in the helmet! Sweet baby boy did awesome!!!!! Didn't seem to bother him one bit! Today was day 2. On 2 hours, off 1 hour, and so sleeping in it. So I put it on as soon as he woke up. He wore it for 2 hours and I took it off when he went down for his nap. As soon as he was up, it was back on for another 2 hours until he was back down for his nap. After his second nap, we left it on until bed time....4 whole hours. He doesn't wear it for 23 hours a day until day 5. After day 5, it's on for 23 hours a day for 2-5 months (1 hour off so he can take a bath and to clean the helmet). I can't wait for his little noggin to be round again! ; ) Not that I don't like his super cool helmet, but we have to go back and forth to Dallas every other week during this process! UGH!!!! Most of the time it will just be me and Whitt flying in and flying out in one day. So, let's just hope he has some big growth spurts during this time and his head rounds out in no time!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Mom and Dad

WHAT?!?! My sweet baby boy is 2 yrs. 10 months 2 weeks and 4 days and we are officially "Mom and Dad"! This is not happening, this is not happening....not yet! I'm seriously having a super hard time with this. I know it sounds crazy, but I was hoping to be mommy or momma until Coop went to college....ok, at least kindergarden. Josh thinks it's great. I, however, am devastated. Every time he calls me Mom, I try to tell him I don't know who Mom is and that my name is Mommy. He smiles ever so sweetly, calls me Mommy, but the very next time he calls me he reverts back to Mom. My heart is breaking.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Whitten is finally rolling over! He's been able to roll the hard way for quite sometime...from back to tummy! However, it always happened in his bed and it seemed to be unintentional because he would get stuck on his tummy and panic. I would have to go in and rescue him by rolling him back over, patting his little hiney and giving him a little smile and he was all better! Now, he's officially figured out how to roll from his tummy to his back...which means NO MORE TUMMY TIME! He's never been a fan, but now he doesn't have to do it if he doesn't want to. The second I put him on his tummy, he's rolling to his back!

And here is Cooper riding his Gator! I was trying to get a shot of him being a daredevil, but he wasn't in the mood! He likes to straddle the front window and press the gas with his other foot....our little "trick pony"! Anyway, today he just wanted to take out our pear tree!

Monday, March 21, 2011

A few random pictures

I had no real reason for the following snapshots! Just cute boys....

His hair looked cuter in person!

The deer lease is awesome bargaining power with Cooper! We told him he could only go to the deer lease with Daddy if he ate well all week! Welp, he ate an entire plate of broccoli this night!! He's been eating like a champ and being super sweet! He even shared his toys with his friends today! WOW! Hopefully the deer lease will still have this great power in years to come!
Cuddle time with Daddy!

Josh and I were bored this past Saturday! Boys were in bed and we were wondering what we could do! I pulled out an old game we used to like to play, but we had forgotten how and the rules were too intricate to relearn, so Josh suggested a puzzle! I thought it was a fantastic idea, and he headed out to HEB to get one at 9:30 that night!

Boys before church!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy 1/2 Year!!

Can't believe my little Whitt is already 1/2 a year old! We had a really rough time between months 4 and 5, but things seem to have calmed down and have totally fallen into place! Things have definitely changed from my 5 month post! Let's see....

-You are eating around 6 bottles a formula a day. Typing that out still makes me so incredibly sad, but there's nothing I can do about it now. You prefer not to take more than 4 oz. at a time. We finally have somewhat of a predictable schedule and it goes something like this...
  • Wake up between 7:00-8:00 drink 4 oz
  • Eat oatmeal with breast milk (I still have some saved up). I'm about to start adding fruit, but haven't yet.
  • Drink another 2-4 oz and go down for your first nap anywhere between 9:30 and 10:30
  • Nap for 45 min to an hour
  • Wake up and play in your bouncer or play mat and lots of tummy time. Mommy usually carries you around in the baby bjorn while we chase after your big brother. We may get out and go to the grocery store or run a short errand.
  • 12:30ish- drink 4 oz
  • Between 1-1:30 drink another 2 oz and go down for second nap.
  • Sleep for 1 hour 45 min to 2 1/2 hours
  • Wake up between 3 and 4. Your big brother sleeps during this time too!! Yay for Mommy!!
  • Play time
  • 4:00 drink 4-6 oz
  • 6:00- dinner. We've only eaten peas so far. I mix in a little oatmeal, heat it up a tad and you're a happy camper
  • 7:00-any where from 4-8 oz and down for the night!
  • You can sleep 12 hours and do about 3-4 times a week. Every once in a while, you wake up for a little bottle. I haven't made you cry yourself back to sleep yet.
-Your daddy always says you have a 15 second window from being ok to royally ticked off if you don't get your food soon enough.

-We no longer swaddle you! We stopped at about 5 1/2 months and you did great!

-You can usually put yourself to sleep. Sometimes you fuss a little, but not for too long. If it gets out of hand, mommy goes in and rocks you or loves on you for a minute and then you'll go down. But I don't have to do that very often. You like your sleep and usually don't fight it.

-You wear a size 3 diaper. Cooper didn't wear that size until he was about 1 year old!!

-You are wearing 6-12 month clothes. Very few 6 month clothes fit any more.

-You can roll over from your back to tummy, but you get stuck and can't roll back the other way!

-I'm almost positive you are teething. You are gnawing so hard on your hands. Sometimes you get this shocked look on your face and start screaming like you've just bitten your finger.

-You've finally found a way to soothe yourself by sucking on your lip. It's so cute!

-You love to play with your feet and are still fascinated by your hands.

-You're able to reach and grasp objects and switch back and forth between hands

-You love face time!!! AND, you are starting to like to snuggle a little bit more.

-You love it when Mommy or Cooper sings to you! It always makes you light up and smile.

-You've developed a very high pitch scream! Whew! You are getting super vocal!

-You are sitting very well when supported.

-You're perfect in every way! Happy half birthday, sweet baby boy!

This taking picture business is hard work!!!
Play time with Cooper!

And, here is Coop at 6 months!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Helmet process

We went to Dallas this past week to get Whitten fitted for his blue camo helmet!! Yes, if he has to wear a medical helmet for several months, he is going to at least be stylin'!! They remeasured his head to see if there were any changes from a week ago, ummmm....yes, there were! His differentiation was 6.1 mm and it is now 7.1 mm. This happened in just two short weeks! Yes, that means it's getting worse! The doctor told us that Whitt's head had a huge growth spurt...10 mm....hence the reason his head is now flatter! It sure would have been nice to have his helmet on during that time. The helmet works with growth and this is the prime time to have it on!! We will go back on March 24 to actually get the helmet and have it shaped to his head! I took some pictures of the process. It's pretty basic. They put a silly looking sock on his head and lay him in a laser machine that takes a 3d image of his skull. Warning: This material contains images of a very cute baby with a very flat head!! If flat heads bother you, please do not look any further!
Getting to sock on!
Listening to instructions
Gotta readjust a little!

Taking some "before" pictures
About to be dipped into the laser machine
Still trying to figure out what color my eyes are going to be
Don't think that duck-tale is lost on me!
Daddy trying to keep me entertained

Now for the flat head pictures!

My cute little ears are a little (ok...a lot) uneven! But the helmet will fix that!

Now here is sleeping beauty! Sweet Charli girl! Yummy Yummy!!!!! She's the tiniest, prettiest little thing I've ever seen!

Whitt wants to eat her for dessert! Can you blame him??

Whitt and Daddy hanging out on the deck!

Coop coming in after a hard day of fishing!
Comparing hair with Gabby!
Anyone want to donate to the "hair cut" fund!