Saturday, August 28, 2010


Yes...we are at that stage where everything is mine!! Just a quick funny (even though this "mine" thing is not funny...quite annoying actually) Today, while Coop was sitting on the potty, he grabbed my finger, and this is how our conversation went!!
Cooper: This is my finger
Me: No that's mommy's finger.
Cooper: No, that's my finger. Take it off.
Me: No baby, I can't take my finger off.
Cooper: Yes, Mommy, I need that's mine!
Me: Well, what are you going to do, bite it off?
Cooper: (sticks my finger in his mouth) Yes, Mommy, I'm going to bite it's mine!!
Oh, the joys of having a 2 yr. old! I'm loving him so much!!! = ) I sure hope he can learn to share with baby Whitt!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ANOTHER Whitt Sono!!!

(I wrote this yesterday and didn't post it!)
We had yet another Whitten sono today! I was excited to get the doctor that actually had bedside manners....and even a sense of humor! When he walked in, he said, "Well, why do we keep bringing you back. The last sono's have looked great!" Such a nice thing to hear! Everything still looks good! His vents measure completely normal! I got to watch him root and suck on his lip (guess he's getting ready for momma)!! I never thought I would be so ready to nurse again! Cooper weaned himself at 10 1/2 months and I was devastated! He was down to a morning feed and a feed (or snack) in the afternoon. I was hoping to keep at least the morning session until he was 1, but he had other plans....and other places to be! He just got way too busy to want to sit still for any amount of time! One morning he nursed, the very next morning he was so confused as why in the world I was trying to stick a boob in his mouth! I remember trying to nurse him all week to try to get him interested again....but, nothing worked! Back to Whitt! He did excellent with his breathing and moving exercises. We even got to see his eyeball and he was looking around everywhere! So here we wait....3 more weeks to the day and he will be here!!! Our house is still under construction...but slowly coming together! We are getting new kitchen countertops and a new sink, so our kitchen is soon to be completely out of commission for about a week! I'm not sure what we were thinking doing this weeks before our baby is supposed to be here! As soon as it is all done, I'll post pics! Speaking are a few of our sweet little guy! I can't believe that I only have 3 more weeks with JUST Coop! I have loved every second of these past 2 years! I am already beginning to feel the guilt of not being able to spend all of my time with Cooper anymore....and feeling guilty about not being able to give Whitt every ounce of attention that Cooper had when he was a newbie! I guess that comes with having a family! Thank the Lord for these beautiful blessings!
What more could a boy ask for!!

Playing in Whitt's bed! He actually calls it "Baby Whitten's Bed" and knows that that is the baby's room! We will see how that goes when there is an actual baby in there!!!

"I need to pee pee on the tree!"

So it finally happened!!! Cooper is officially a little boy that loves to pee outside on trees.... and on dirt in order to make mud! To be honest, I was glad he finally realized he could do this because it is so hard to make him come in to use the restroom when he is in full on "dirt and rocks" mode! Leaving his little boy heaven to pee pee in the potty is not something he deems necessary!! SO, Josh finally got him to pee on a tree...YAY! Well, not as yay as I thought! Yesterday he was playing inside and decided he needed to go outside to outside we go. Two minutes later he told me he needed to pee pee on the tree again! I knew he didn't, but it's a new fun thing to do, so I just thought he wanted to give it another try! Note to self: any time Cooper has ever said I need to pee pee again after he JUST went means that he actually needs to poop! I've known this for weeks now, but it just happened to slip my mind yesterday. So, yes, Cooper ended up thinking he could poo poo on the tree as well and ended up going in his underwear! He was so confused by the whole thing. When Josh and I would ask him, "Where are you supposed to poo poo", he would sweetly reply with the most innocent look on his face, "I poo poo on the tree!" Oh dear!!! We truly haven't had an accident in weeks. Am I supposed to count this as one?!? I say nah....!!!!! I'm so in love with this little boy that my heart melts just thinking about him!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Moving on up (and another sono)

We got good news today! We get to meet baby Whitten one day sooner than we originally planned! Our doctor had a surgery come up on the 16th, so we are now scheduled for a c-section on the 15th! How exciting is that!?! We had a bpp (biophysical profile) of the little guy today! I totally thought the whole purpose for going in for all of these sono's was to continue to monitor his ventricles, but that is not what happened today. Hmmmm?? They hooked me up to a fetal heart monitor for 20 min...nothing better than taking a nap to the sweet sound of your baby's heartbeat! Then they rolled in a portable sono machine and took a picture of his face (too cute...looks like Coop) and watched him breathe for like 2 seconds. That was it! I had to remind the doc to look at his vents?!?!?! I mean, wasn't that the reason we were here in the first place. He said...oh yea....put more goop on my belly and looked at his vents for 2 seconds and said they looked normal. He didn't measure them or anything. Then he handed me a piece of paper and said see ya next week. FOR WHAT!? I'm SO thankful that they didn't see anything of concern, I'm just a bit confused as to why they are continuing to monitor him?! So that appointment was a bit of a bummer...other than the fact that we know his heart looks good, he's moving like a mad man, and his breathing looks great! For that, I am SO thankful! I'm ready for this little dude to be here!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

34 weeks!

I honestly don't know how I can get any bigger! I'm about to bust!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Another Whitt Sono

We had another high level sonogram of Whitten last Tuesday to check on his sweet little brain! Everything looks awesome. When the ventricles are dilated to 1 cm, it is considered mild ventriculomegaly. I really don't know what that means, and I don't think the doc's have an explanation for it either...other than the fact that technology is so amazing now that they can see EVERYTHING!!! Obviously there has to be an "average" for different measurements, and it seems that they are finding more and more variations for what is considered an "average" measurement in some cases. If you ask me, this is one those cases! Anyway, Whitten's problem ventricle (left)has actually decreased in size!! It is now measuring .7 cm, which is not even boarderline anymore. Everything looks "beautiful" was the doctors response during the sonogram. BUT he said he still wants to see us every week until Whitt is born. WHAT!?! We are so thankful for great docs, but seriously!!! Of course we wouldn't hesitate for one second if we felt it was neccessary to pay another $1200 to our sonographer to make sure our sweet boy is healthy, but this seems a little overboard. I talked to my regular ob the next day, and he kind of seemed to think the same thing. So, we will see!
Big boy seems to be leveling out since the last sonogram 5 weeks ago. He was measuring a week a head, and now he's measuring right on track! But I think I'm still going to tell people he's measuring ahead....because I'm so stinkin' big! I'm for SURE as big or bigger than I was when I was full term with Coop! And we have about 5 1/2 weeks left! Mom and I think he may try to come early...or maybe that's just wishful thinking! Being big and pregnant in this crazy hot summer has been pretty eventful...umm, non-eventful might be a better word! It's just too hot to do anything!
So, for now we are excited for this great news! We sure are ready to meet Whitt-Bit!