Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas in Crane!

I didn't get too many pictures because I wasn't feeling all that great! I'm on an antibiotic for the first time since I was a junior in high school when I had strep! I'm sad I didn't get more of everyone that was there! Maybe Josh's Uncle Randy will share! : ) It was great to get to see everyone and to get spoiled with presents and yummy food!

Charli and Whitt

Cowboy Whitt

Attempts at a family picture! Better luck next time! Whitten was so mad that I made him stop playing for 2 seconds to take a picture!

Sweet Charli Bug!

Cooper was Santa and handed out all of the presents!
Two sleepy babies!

Preschool Program!

Cooper had his very first program this year! He was front and center! When the curtains first opened I nearly had a heart attack in fear of what he would do! I'm glad to say that he actually did pretty well!! They sang about 10 Christmas songs, so needless to say, he was getting pretty bored by the end of it! All of the sudden he pulled something out of his pocket and started looking through it like it was a magnifying glass! Turned out it was a blue tooth ear piece that I guess he got out of the drawer and stuck in his pocket that morning! Stinker! The only other time I was paranoid was when he and the little girl to his right started arguing on stage about "that's my Mommy" "No, that's MY mommy"......back and forth back and forth! I thought they were going to have a knock down drag out over whose Mommy belonged to whom! Too cute! The pics are absolutely terrible and I didn't take my video camera...I know, I know! I will forever be disappointed!

His sweet teacher, Mrs. Hullender

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dear Santa!

Cooper decided he wanted to write a letter to Santa tonight! He talked, I typed. The only thing I helped him with was the last sentence! I love the "amazing" part!

Dear Santa,

I was not very nice to Pascal. I took his magic away and I said I was sorry. And now he’s better and that’s amazing. He came back and landed in our house in my room to watch me sleep.

I want black Batman with his blue car and I want a lot of bugs, and Angry Birds and Transformers.

Santa, I wanna be on the good list because I be nice. I listen to my mommy and daddy and I am nice to my baby brother.

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!!!



Here is Santa's letter back to Cooper!

Dear Cooper,

I got your letter and I am so happy that Pascal decided to come back to your house. His feelings were really hurt when you told him you didn’t want him to live in your house anymore. I know he is happy to be a part of your family again. Remember there are only 4 more days until Christmas and Pascal will be keeping an eye out on you to make sure you deserve to be on the nice list. Remember to always listen to your mommy and daddy and do what you are told! Be sweet to your baby brother because he loves you so much! And remember that getting presents on Christmas is a lot of fun, but the real reason for Christmas is God’s son, Jesus. God sent his son, Jesus, from heaven to live on earth to save the world. So on December 25, we will celebrate the day Jesus was born!

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!


Saturday, December 17, 2011

15 months!

Just a few days late! But, my friends, we have a for REAL walker!!!!! Whitten has been taking steps between things since 13 1/2 months, but about a week ago he found the courage to walk across the room!! And on his 15 month birthday (the day after his ER visit for croup) he has decided that walking is just way too cool!!! However, if he really wants something, he instantly drops down to his knees and speed crawls! But I love love love a waddle walk! It's just the best!

-You spent the night before your 15 month birthday in the ER with croup. You still feel pretty crummy, but seem to be on the mend.

-No more bottles! We completely stopped about 2 weeks ago! You were getting one right before bed, but one night you drank your night time milk out of a sippy cup, and that was it! You certainly don't get as much milk as you used to, but you get enough! You drink a cup in the morning and a cup at night!

-You are coming a long (a little) in the eating department! However, you still like baby food! That's the only way I can get veggies down you, so I guess as long as you will eat it, I will give it. You had 1/2 a grilled cheese today and even ate half of my turkey sandwich! If I'm eating something and you aren't in your highchair, you always want a taste! Maybe we should try broccoli like that!

-You still only have 3 teeth, but your second bottom tooth is peeking through. Should be here any day!

-Still sleeping through the night with an occasional cry out that requires about 30 seconds of rocking to get you back to sleep!

-Can I say MOMMA'S BOY with a capital...everything! Goodness gracious gravy marie!!! You would love to be attached to me at all times of the day! I love it most of the time, unless I need to cook dinner or....go to the bathroom! I don't know how many times you've sat on my lap while I've sat on the potty because you just can't stand not being with me! DeeDee say's I'm paying' for my raisin'!!

-You are so sneaky and are in to e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! We will tell you not to touch something and as soon as we are out of sight, you go right back to doing what you were doing! I foresee some spankings in your future!! ; )

-You love to play in your brother's room with all of his toys! You often disappear in to his room to play or the office to love on Betty!

-You still sign all done and milk, but have given up the more sign because you can say it. However, you still grunt or gripe when you want something and sometimes forget that you can say it!!!!!

-You can point to your belly, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair.

-Words: ba=ball, ca=car, mo=more, ba=bye bye, apple (but most of the time it comes out of pull). Nothing really new this month. I think you have been focusing on walking instead of talking!

-You still do the sounds for cow and cat. Our new sound is elephant...which is adorable. And sometimes monkey.

-You love your shape and farm puzzle and get the pieces in the right place some of the time.

-You love books and will flip through them all day. However, you don't have pointing down yet. So you aren't really identifying anything yet. I can see your brain working and know it's just around the corner.

-You can throw a fit like nobody's business! It's so funny to watch you on the tile because you want to throw yourself down, but instead, will slowly lower your self to the floor so you don't get hurt! Cooper was not a fit thrower, so this is new territory for us!

-You're such a little love bug these days! You love to snuggle and be held. You give the sweetest kisses in the world.

-You love DeeDee and Grandpa!

-Mommy keeps forgetting to work on stacking! So bad, I know! That's on my to-do list!

-18-24 month clothes

-Size 4 diaper

-You love the Veggie Tales song and will sometimes try to sing it with Cooper!

-Your love for cars and trucks continues grow daily! You could push a car around the house all day long and be perfectly content!

-Your personality is NOTHING like your big brothers! Y'all are completely different in every way! I can't wait to see what you will be like in a couple of years!

***You have been a very healthy little guy until recently. You had your first ear infection about 2 weeks ago (double). You ended up in the ER 4 nights ago due to croup. It still hasn't really cleared up. After your check up today, it was discovered that you had a yucky throat! So, back on antibiotic! Hoping this clears it all up and you can get back to being your sweet self!

Whitten's 15 month stats
Weight: 22.1 lbs. (20%)
Height: 31 1/2 inches (50%)
Head circumference: 18 in (10%)

Cooper's 15 month stats
Whitten weighs one more ounce than Coop did at this age! Everything else is the exact same!!!

Seems as if Whitt has leveled off a bit in everything! Still growing, just not in huge leaps like he has in the past!

Sweet (and Sour) Whitt

Coop at 15 months

Happy 11!!

Josh and I had a quick night out for our 11 year anniversary! We (Josh) had spent the night before in the ER with Whitten due to croup. Needless to say, nobody got a wink of sleep that night! I couldn't use enough concealer in the world to cover up the bags underneath my eyes! I was wanting to look at least half way decent, but I didn't even have the energy to do my hair! However, I was so thankful mom came over to watch the boys while we enjoyed a little bit of time together!! The best thing that happened that night.....both boys slept through the night even though they were both pretty sick. Who woulda' thunk that the best gift ever would be sleep! Oh, and even better, Josh got up with the boys and I slept in until 10:00!
Josh, I love you love you love you! Thank you for being the amazing husband and father that you are! Happy anniversary!
And here's to the next decade together!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Can you tell Cooper is just a tad bit excited to see Santa?! Whitt was a little unsure, but he didn't have the classic Santa melt down! He loves beards, so I think that helped!

Past Santa Pictures!

Christmas 2009. I had to have someone shoot the pics and my camera was on the wrong setting! So disappointing because there were some super funny shots!! Cooper was sooo not impressed!

Christmas 2010. Still a bit unsure!

Monday, December 5, 2011

What to do on a snow day!

1. Check out the snow!
2. Gather snow to make snow ice cream!
3. Contemplate on whether or not we need more snow for our ice cream.
4. Touch snow for very first time in your life!

5. Get excited that we are going in to make some "sugary snow ice cream"!
6. Mix up snow, sugar, vanilla and milk.

7. Get ready for your first bite.

8. Yum!
9. Take another bite.

9 and 10. Eat lunch after morning nap and stay in pj's all day!