Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Whitt's 3 year stats...

Just a little late… like 4 months late.  I mean, he went to the doctor when he was 3, but I never recorded it!  If I can recall…

3 year stats: 

Weight:  33 lbs
Height: 38 inches

2 year stats:

Weight: 28 lbs. (almost 50%)

Height: 35.2 in. (75%)

Comparison to Cooper….same weight but Whitt was 1/2 an inch shorter!


My New Year's resolution was to get my blog up to date!  So far, I have failed miserably!  I haven't posted Whitt's bday, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas….never mind all of the sweetness and craziness that has happened in between!  But for now…. Maui it is!  Because…it was just fabulous!
We met my parents there while the boys spent a week with Gabby and Grumps!  My parents must love us because we are currently living with them while we search for our forever home.  Midland has nothing to offer right now….at all!  Like I said, my parents love us…and we love them!  We are just a happy little family!  I'm sure they are ready to kick us to the curb!  But in the mean time, Cooper gets nightly massages from Dee Dee!  Geez….spoiled rotten!

We started the trip off with the flu.  So we had a Jamba juice with lots of fruit and vitamin C to help us out!

We literally walked out onto our lanai to this!  We only stayed there one night (my parents had been there a week).

A beautiful walk that felt like we were in a movie!  The trees looked fake!  And there were roosters and cats everywhere!

A trip up a volcano to watch the sunrise.  Absolutely breath taking (but the windy road made me pretty queazy)!


Josh golfed at Kapalua!  The PGA was there just two weeks before!

Jaws! We hiked a round trip of about 3 miles to go and see these waves that haven't gotten this big since 2004!  40-60 ft swells!  Professional surfers and helicopters….amazing!!!  So cool to see!

Our pet seal for the day!!  He was roped off with signs that said, " Shhh…seal sleeping!"  He hung out all day!