Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

Oh my goodness!  I am so far behind!  I haven't even posted our Christmas pics yet!  Poor Whitten is going to think I don't care about documenting his little life, but in reality....we've lost our video camera and our good nikon was dropped and is the only pics I have are from my phone or our little cannon power shot!  Bummer!  AND.... as nice as it is to have a secluded office for Josh to work, I do not enjoy being secluded from the rest of the house to blog!!!!

He is RISEN!!!  So thankful to worship a risen Savior!

We kept Easter pretty simple around here!  I'm still very on the fence about Easter baskets and the Easter bunny...and all of the hoopla that surrounds it!  I know, I know!!! I guess it's because my mom wasn't big on all of it.... for very sincere reasons, and she rubbed off on me!  I think once my boys truly understand what Easter is all about, gifts may not bother me as bad!  But in the mean time...they don't know any different, so we will just keep the focus on the gift that Jesus gave us!

That being said, Whitt and Coop both had a little egg hunt at school!  I only attended Cooper's because I knew if I went to Whitt's, he would be coming home with me!

Easter morning!  Not the best pictures, but I sure do love my handsome boys!

 We had to use the timer on the camera for a family picture....can you tell?!

Egg hunt at Nanny and Papa's!
We went to church and then headed to Crane to see Josh's grandparents!  Nanny and Papa hid some eggs and some special prizes, and the boys had a blast with the simplicity of our Easter celebration.  
 I told Cooper to go get dressed...and this was his attire! I tried to make him change, but he was so proud of I just had to let it go!!!

More School Pictures!