Sunday, February 26, 2012

A few randoms!

I got the chance to keep my good friend's boys this past week! I love them so much and they just had the best time in the whole world! Cooper and Brody are just the sweetest little duo and absolutely love each other! I feel like they have finally gotten past the "fighting over toys" stage, and now genuinely love and enjoy each other's company! I'm glad they're buds....because I love his momma just as much!! So fun to have friends with kids the same age! I have no doubt that Whitten and Blayde will be hanging out soon as well!
***On a side note*** Having 4 boys would be....ummm....what's the right word?! EXHAUSTING!! However, I noticed that I was much more organized and very military like when it came to eating lunch!

Blayde cheesin' it up!
Our little fort...watching Shark Tales!

Whitt got his hair chopped!! It's SHORT!

Coop looks 7 here! And like he is joining the military!

Sweet Sleepy Whitt!
On our way to church!

Oh! Wait, I need some eyebrow love!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Tea Party!

Cooper got invited to a tea party by one of his sweet friends from church, Allison (or Alice, as Coop would say)! The invitation was so cute and made us think it was a real deal costume/dress up party! When I read the invitation to Coop, his eyes lit up and he immediately gasped, "I need to go put on my spiderman costume." And put on his costume he did.....and wore it ALLLLL day long!!!!

After I convinced him that it was not a "superhero" party but a "gentleman" party, he obliged! And oh how he loved being a gentleman...and super handsome gentleman he was!

However, Cooper was the only boy at the tea party. The girls were dressed oh so cute....but they were not in costumes!!!!! Yea, I guess I would say we went overboard! Oh well, he looked extremely.... dapper!!! didn't take him long to find Allison's big brother's room with lots of fun toys! Yep, he sure did bring out some big ole dinosaurs and he sure did "roar" at people in the middle of a "tea party"!!!!

Eyebrow Love!

Sweet boy soothes himself with none-other than our eyebrows! It's an instant go to when he is sleepy...or just needing some love! But when the eyebrows are not available..the velcro on his shoe works just fine! Oh...and notice the sucking going on with his mouth...without a thumb or paci!
***Excuse the ridiculously loud music going on!*** "All aboard the choo-choo train, all aboard the choo-choo train"

The "eyebrow rubbing" often puts us to sleep! I guess it's our soother as well!!!

Coop wanted his picture taken! Oh the mop upon his head needs a haircut!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

17 months!

One more month and I have a 1 1/2 year old. It can't be!

-The last couple of months have been rough. You had your first ear infection at 14 months. You are now 17 months and have the exact same infection. You've been on 4 (or 5...I've lost count) different antibiotics and even had rocephin shots! Those were awful...painful....and they didn't even make a dent in the infection. We are headed to the ENT this coming Monday. Dr. N seems to think tubes are the only way we are going to get rid of this nasty thing. I'm all for it. You act fine throughout the day, but being horizontal seems to bother you, so we haven't had too much sleep around here these days. Every once in a while you will surprise us with sleeping through the night, but I know that when you do wake up, it's because your ears are bothering you.

-Nicknames! I'm pretty sure I never call you by your name! I really don't even ever call you Whitt. What you most often get called (by me): Bit, Bit-Bit, Bitten, Bitters. Those kind of make sense, right?? Well, you have also adopted the name Bunkers, Bunks, Bunk, Bunky. Don't ask. I have no idea!

-Sleep!!! You can and do...and would more often.... sleep though the night if your ears were happy. On a good night, you go down between 7-7:30 and sleep until 6:30-7:30. Our routine has been rocked lately and you have ended up in bed with us on numerous occasions so that we can elevate your head to relieve pressure.

-We finally got you into Mother's Day Out. Because of this, you have dropped your first nap! Yay!!!! It just means we can actually leave the house in the mornings without having to hurry back for a nap! But, on MDO days, you are still taking 2 naps. Your second one is just late...around 4:30. I don't think you will need that for much longer.

-You are M-O-O-D-Y!!!!! You will be laughing and having a good time with your brother one minute, and screaming and griping at him the next! Poor Cooper never knows what to expect. However, your big brother does know how to push your buttons and does it on purpose most of the time. It cracks me up at how different your personalities are. If something was not right in Cooper's world (someone took something away from him or hurt his feelings) he would just cry. You on the other hand, get highly ticked off. If you could, you would use a bad word and start swinging. Josh and I always laugh about how we get our boys to get in a good mood. When Coop was in a bad mood, we could make funny faces, funny sounds, tickle....and he just loved it and would instantly light up. However, if Whitt is in a bad mood....funny faces, sounds, touching....just exacerbates the bad mood! He's like a 13 year old girl!

-However, you do love love love your brother (most of the time) and y'all have lots of fun together!

-You LOVE Mickey Mouse!!!!!! You call him "Mow".

-You are finally eating solids, but are still very picky. You ate a whole plate of Mexican Casserole the other night. Ground meat and all. You like Ravioli, hot dogs, mac and cheese (sometimes), pancakes. Umm....that's about it. You are at least attempting to take bites of new food. Sometimes it's a go, but most of the time you spit it out. We are making that's a good thing! Most of your veggies come from those new pouches. Your favorites are spinach, peas, and pears. Also broccoli and apple! Gross....but at least you are getting something! You ate bites of an actual apple the other day...and liked it! I don't know how you chewed it, but I'll take what I can get.

-You still only have 5 teeth.

-Words- apple, bye-bye, mama, dada, dee-dee, ball, car, bu (bubba), ca-ca (cracker), mo (more), soo (shoe), bee. I know there is more (not a lot more), but I can't think of them.

-Animal sounds- monkey, kitty, lion, elephant, fish, duck, dog, pig, giraffe, chicken, cow...

-You are now identifying and pointing to lots of different animals/objects.

-You still love puzzles and always put the piece where it is supposed to go. You get frustrated (and scream) if you can't get it to fit though. You clap for yourself when you get a piece in the right spot.

-You FINALLY figured out how to stand up in the middle of the floor. Forever, you would walk on your knees to a place you could pull up on.

-You love books...but still just like looking at pictures and "talking" and pointing to everything. You won't really listen to a story.

-You love Peek-A-Boo.

-You LOVE letters and numbers. You can't identify any of them...yet!!! HA! But, you love pointing to all of them and get super excited! You think you already know all of them and are very proud of yourself! This is about the age we started with Coop. Hopefully after tubes, your speech will pick up and you will start picking up the sounds.

-You still LOVE eyebrows and use them to soothe yourself. That or the velcro on your shoe. Still sucking on that lip/tongue.

-You can point to your belly, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair. We are working on some new ones...chin and toes!

-You love your Dada and get so excited when he comes home from work. Nothing better than being greeted by such a happy little guy.

-Even though you are "Rudy Attitude-y" you crack me up every single day! You are precious, loving and so sweet (most of the time)!! I love you, sweet boy! Happy 17 months!

"Bit, where is your nose?
Screaming at your brother

Oh, wait...he's kinda funny!
Having a "Lady and the Tramp" moment!

Love me some after bath curls!

Cooper at 17 months

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Every time I pick Cooper up from school, I ask him who he played with! I love to hear all of the different stories he tells me about his day! He usually tells me he plays with Price or Owen or Ethan....better yet, Emily June or Abigail! But the other day when I picked him up, I asked him who his best friend was at school. His answer....."Um,.....well, when Whitten gets bigger like me, I'm going to be his best friend. I am going to use my new fast shoes and kick those snakes and protect him. I'm gunna beat those snakes up. Whitten is gunna be my best buddy when he grows bigger like me!"
Seriously! Melt a momma's heart! I pray every day that these sweet boys truly are the best of friends! Nothing better than brotherly love!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


It has been one month since we lost our beloved Mimi. She was the truest definition of what a lady is to me. Intelligent, classy, charming, beautiful, witty, loving, kind, strong, pure, faithful, respected and respectful, and so much more! She is and will always be someone I will forever look up to. I love and miss her so much! I know without a shadow of a doubt she and my Papa had a beautiful reunion in heaven. She has missed him for so many years and I know she was elated to be welcomed home by our Heavenly Father and to reunite with her husband. I have so many amazing memories of my time with her. I only wish I had more time to make more memories!

Louise Thames Culver went to her heavenly home and family on January 9, 2012. Louise was born on December 8, 1928, to Aubrey Beaumont Thames and wife, Mattie. She grew up in Coleman, Texas, and was blessed to be guided and loved by her grandmother, Effie L. Thames. Louise married Roy Conner Culver January 23, 1947. Conner went to his heavenly home in 1992. There will be a great and grand reunion. She is survived by three children, Lee Conner Culver and wife, Patsy, Paul David Culver, and Deborah Louise Culver and husband, David Whiles. She is a grandmother of six, Jason Paul Whiles and wife, Molly, Jared Whiles and wife, Michelle, Bethany Whiles Jones and husband, Josh, Timothy Lee Culver and fianceƩ, Cyndy Kersh, and sons, Mason and Kristian, Kimberly Culver, and Paul's daughter, Kristin. She is doubly blessed with eight great grandchildren, Wilson, Dexter, Clara, and Everett, (Jason's children), Conner and Belyn (Jared's son and daughter), and Cooper and Whitten (sons of Bethany and Josh Jones). In addition, there are four nephews and their families, Judge T.R. Culver III, Richard Culver, Charles Culver, and John Culver, all from the Houston area. Louise's sister, Vivian McCabe and daughter, Jan Ferrier and her daughters, Lacy and Heather Ferrier; and son, Bruce McCabe and family; and her cousin, Eleanor Rogers and husband Boyd. Louise enjoyed her life, her church, her family, and friends. She sold Real Estate for over forty years, having owned Carriage Company Realtors, that was started in 1971, with four partners, and later became the owner. The company merged with Langston Realtors in 1999. She was a certified Real Estate Broker, a Certified Residential Specialist, and a graduate of the Real Estate Institute. She was dedicated to finding the best solution for all her clients in Real Estate transactions. She retired in 2005. She enjoyed her church, but especially her Naomi Sunday School Class, James Department. Louise was a member of the First Baptist Church for forty five years.