Monday, April 27, 2009

Guess who's walking???

Coop's been taking steps for the last week or so, but we can't ever capture a good video! This is the best we can do for now! The other day he walked all the way down the hallway...of course I didn't have the video camera! We're so proud! He's walking before his 1st birthday!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Park pics!

Lots and lots of them....but I'm too lazy to figure out how to create a slideshow!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Hairdos!

Coop loves bath time! We always have so much fun telling stories and playing games. Well, this time we decided to try out a few new hairdos!

The ole comb over!

I'm thinking Coop looks like one of the 3 stooges here!
My favorite...the slick back!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Cooper's most favorite thing to do is play in our closet. He crawls as fast as he can and hides in my clothes....he thinks this is absolutely hilarious!!!! The other day I caught him with something foreign in his mouth! Coop has refused a pacifier since he was about 6 weeks old. I think he found it in one of my purses I used as a diaper bag when he was a wee baby! When I first caught him, he was sucking on it upside down, but I turned it around for him....but then I was sad I didn't get a picture of that! But low and soon as he saw his frogee....he chunked the pacifier across the room and started happily sucking on his other "pacifier"!!!

What in the world is in your mouth!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dancing Boy!!

I overload!! I haven't quite figured out how to edit all of these videos together yet!! Coop has discovered that he LOVES to dance! He now dances to anything that has a beat....and yes....he's a white boy!!! = ) He also loves Elmo!! He has very serious conversations with that silly red puppet and it just cracks me up! I'm pretty sure he's cussed at him before....
My mother and father-in-law will back me up on that one!! They heard it....and it was stinkin' hilarious!

Coop screeming at Elmo!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nap-y hair!!

I just love it when Coop takes a good nap and wakes up in such great humor! We don't usually get 2 1/2 hour naps...but we did today...and it was glorious!!!


Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Gabby and Grumps came to visit this past weekend and Cooper had an absolute BLAST!!! Gabby taught him how to dance to music and it's the cutest thing in the whole entire world!! We have lots of videos, so I'll be posting those as soon as I can figure out how to edit them! It was Josh's birthday this past week as well, so Josh and I spent the night at a hotel while Gabby and Grumps stayed with Coop. It was my first night away from him, and I think I did pretty well! I knew he was in great hands, so I had no worries! OH...the hotel!!! YIKES!! Well, we didn't want to go to Odessa and we've heard that the Hilton is really over priced for what they have to offer, so I jumped on the internet and found what seemed to look like a really nice hotel. Have you ever heard of Midtown?!?! Well, let's just say...I'm glad we made it out alive....and I hope that there weren't any video cameras secretly taping us!!! I've seen too many movies about scary hotels!!!! Well, the room was actually pretty awesome! Super updated, great furniture, flat screen tv, granite counter tops, fantastic bed and a huge jacuzzi tub! As long as you closed your eyes until you got to your room, you would think you were at a really nice hotel!!! It was nice to be able to spend time with each other, but to be in the same town as my baby!!! It will be another story when we go to Vegas in July!!
Well, Coop didn't really want to cooperate when taking his Easter pics, so we didn't get very many! But he sure looked cute!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Momma's turn!

You have to watch until the end...that's where the sweetest parts are. Oh, and you might want to turn your volume down...the tv is turned up really loud!! I mean...I just can't get enough of these kisses, and I don't think he can either!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


I absolutely had to capture this on video! Coop never lets his dad kiss all over him...that's a mommy thing! He will let me kiss him FOREVER! He just closes his eyes and relaxes. But this time, Josh got to do it! He even tried to french kiss at one point! There's nothing more precious than sweet baby kisses!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sweet giggles!

Well, I only got the tail end of Coop's giggles, but I just couldn't resist! His daddy can always get him going!! He was laughing so hard, he had tears coming down his face! Of course a truck drove by and ruined the moment!! If giggles from a sweet baby don't bring a smile to your face...there's something wrong with you!!