Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Family Pictures

know I sent these pictures to pretty much anyone who would ever look at my blog! Sorry about the repeat. I think I'm just going to add a few of my favorites here and there!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Our sweet friend, Whitney, gave Coop a frog lovee while we were in the hospital right after his birth! It was absolutely adorable, and we just kind of used it as decoration in his room until he was old enough to have things in his crib! Well, Mr. Cooper had a hard time napping until he was about 8 months old....until Frogee was introduced....and it was all over! He never sucked his thumb or used a paci.....his way of soothing himself was sucking on Frogge's toes! We decided to buy a back up "just in case"!! We bought the EXACT same one.....but NO WAY, it was not the same!!! Frogee's toes are permanently stained from his saliva and he's looking pretty nasty!! But, oh how we thank Whitney for this sweet would be oh so miserable without it! Here are a few pics to show you just how much he loves it!!

Uh oh, someone's up to no good!!
Frogee got captured!

Momma put frogee back in the bed...where he belongs!!
Hmmm...I'm going to get him back!!!
MOM....I can't reach him!!! GIVE HIM BACK!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

May I Have Some Tea, Please!

Um...yes, my baby dug this tea jug out of the trash can! I tried to take it away from him, but he just ran away like I was trying to steal some awesome treasure! He took the lid off and decided he needed a drink!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Eating Machine!!

For those of you who know my frustration with Cooper and eating, you know that...well....the kid doesn't eat!!! Until now! WOW!! He has been eating like a truck driver the last couple of days. Either he's finally decided that food is a good thing, or he's about to have a huge growth spurt! I am beyond excited! It has a been an every day struggle, and I'm glad it's finally over! Sure, he could regress, but at least I know he CAN eat!!!! = )
I'm 14 months old, and this is the first time I've ever eaten a banana!!
I ate the WHOLE I need a drink!!
It was so good, I want to eat the peel!
This is actually the second serving on my plate!

I ate it most of my mom's spaghetti!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Water Boy....

Josh is going to kill me for using that title for this post! I thought about changing it....but I wanted to give Josh a heart attack!! Coop absolutely LOVES the water....playing in it, not serving it!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Back from Vegas...

Josh and I had a wonderful trip to Las Vegas this past week! We went with his grandparents, his aunt and uncle and his sister and her husband! It was lots of fun, but this momma is TIRED!!!! We were gone for 4 nights, and I was just about ready to walk home because I missed my baby so bad! NEVER again....that was just way too stinkin' long!!! Cooper stayed with Dee Dee and Grandpa (my mom and dad) and they had an absolute blast! I'm pretty sure he didn't even miss us! My mom even threatened to not let me have him back!!!! They had wonderful time bonding! He is so in love with her....if I even mention her name, he goes crazy with excitement! It's just way too cute! And he even runs to Grandpa now. My dad hasn't had much one on one time with him, so I'm glad they got the chance to hang out! Our small point and shoot camera is pretty much toast, but I got a few pics...although the quality is pretty poor! We also just got a new mac computer, and I really haven't figured it out yet! So hopefully I start updating with more videos...our other computer just couldn't handle it anymore!!!!Add Video

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!!

We had great Fourth of July with my family and Josh's family!! We all got together at our new house and enjoyed yummy fajitas and chocolate cake!! It was SO great to spend time with people we love...but we sure did miss Gabby and Grumps! It just wasn't the same without them! I didn't get many pics on my camera, but my sister-in-law when I get her copies, I will post those as well! Here are just a few!

Josh cooking up the fajitas!

Jadi (Josh's sister) slaving away in the kitchen!!

Coop and his cousin Belyn! They love each other! She is two weeks older than him...look how much taller he is!!!
Coop's hair sure pics up a little red in the sun!

Mr. Serious!

You know I couldn't resist a few crazy hair pics!!!!!