Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

I'm a terrible mother! Coop's first year consisted of no pictures taken with Santa, the Easter Bunny or in the Pumpkin Patch! Just lazy I guess! SO...this year, I'm going to be a better momma!! Starting with pumpkins!! P.S. NOTICE THE HAIR.....Coop had his 4th haircut today!! We went super short so he wouldn't have to go every 3 weeks!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

While Dee Dee's Away....

We are all ready for Dee Dee to get home, but while she was away, we had a blast! My mom takes care of my niece, Belyn, during the day, and since she went to Houston to see her other grandbabies, I had the opportunity to take over her job!!!! It was so much fun to see our little "twins" play and interact together! They are so funny!!!! I would say more, but the pictures tell the story! Oh......I do have to tell this one funny though!!!! Belyn and Coop are two weeks apart, but she is SUPER vocal! I think she was born talking! Cooper took something away from B and she walked over to him and said, "Bebo, be nice!!" (she calls him Bebo and her brother, Conner, calls him Footoo!!!) Anyway, it was quite hilarious! She is SUCH a girl and he is SUCH a boy!!!

Belyn just woke Coop up...they were really excited to see each other!
"No thanks! I don't want any of your breakfast!"
B took Coop's toy away!

"No I didn't! Don't I look innocent!"

Well, Coop got her back!! He stole her toy!
That's better....playing TOGETHER!!
Haha...I got it from him!

Oooh...this toy is fun to ride!
....until Coop tries to steal it from her!
Ok....let's compromise! B rides....Coop pushes!
Maybe not! See that little stinker in the background! Looks like Coop won this one!!
So the score: Belyn-1. Coop-1.

K...let's go outside!
Coop loves his sandbox! He's using his shovel so nicely!
WAIT....Mom, she stole it from me!
Sooooo sad!

Ha...! I got it back! See how sweet we can be!!!

Final score: Belyn-2. Coop-1. Who am I kidding....there were WAY more tiffs than that! I'm pretty sure they ended up even!
I really had a blast hanging out with these two! I get to do it all over again tomorrow!!!! Maybe I'll be ready for Dee Dee to come home by then! = )

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I mean, seriously! Coop JUST got his hair cut like 3 weeks ago! Look at this mop on his head.....already!!!!! (I know...another high chair pic, but it's the only way I can capture him on camera these days)!

AND...we have officially become Mr. Independent! It totally happened over night! Monday morning I could feed him his yogurt....Tuesday morning I was not allowed within 3 feet of his spoon or he would throw the ugliest hissy fit you have ever seen! His little independent personality has completely emerged! Also, I am now completely jealous because I am no longer Cooper's #1. He looks out the window all day calling for Daddy. He walks around looking for him all over the house. The minute Daddy walks through the door....I no longer exist!!! Cooper, just to let you know, I take care of you ALL day long and YOU HAVE YET TO CALL ME MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He calls everyone else by name except for me! I've been called "Bob" several times, but never mommy! I can't wait to hear that word on your lips! Speaking of words....Cooper's language has really taken off the last couple of weeks! It's so fun to hear him speak intentionally and to actually make sense! Don't get me wrong, he still speaks fluent Mandarin, French, German and Spanish, but he does have several words in ENGLISH!!! Except for mommy! = (

Thursday, October 15, 2009

3rd Haircut!

Things started out ok! I've got my sucker and I'm good to go!
Here Mom, try it!

I'm over the sucker....I want out of here!
It took 4 of us to tag team him just to finish up the cut! Whoo....glad that's over!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dirty Thirty!!!

Yup...homegirl is 30! I guess it's not all that bad. I just feel like I should be a little bit more mature than I am....maybe know a little more than I do!
Coop either laughing at me or telling me not to worry about being old!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fun Times in East Texas!

Wow!! We had an absolutely wonderful trip to East Texas to see Gabby and Pa Grumps this past week! Cooper spent about 95% of his time outside with his grandparents on the Mule, tractor, swing, wagon and just playing in the dirt! He loved every minute of it! He was always so pooped out at the end of the day that he would just pass out! His language is finally starting to pick up! He has about 10-15 words and some signs! He says Pa (for Pa Grumps and Grandpa), Ga (for Gabby), Pa Pa (for Josh's grandfather), Daddy, Mama (sort of), Nanny ball, car, cracker, cheese, more, bye-bye, eyes, ears, shoes, ....there's more, but I can't think of them right now! He knows his body parts....eyes, ears, nose, mouth and hair. He can make the sound and act like a monkey, lion, cow, fish, dog, and kitty (kind of)! He has about 5 silly walks, one of them being the moon walk. He LOVES to dance any time he hears music....Dee Dee is trying to teach him the hokey pokey! We've started on letter may be a while, but we'll get there! Oh and he FINALLY got a haircut today! It's his 3rd one so far! The hairdresser kept commenting on his great hair. That's definitely not from me....he got that from Josh's family....they all have great, thick hair! It was a traumatic event....I'll post pics of that later! In the mean time, here are the pics from our week in East Texas. Excuse the mop on his head!

Cooper and Uncle Judd on the tractor!
Playing Peek-a-Boo with Pa Grumps in Gabby's clothes!
Chilling out after a long day of playing outside!
Hanging out with Nanny!
Being cute!
Hanging out with Pa Pa!

Riding on the Mule with Dad!

Tractor time with Pa Grumps!
I just had to get this picture of Gabby in her "barn" gear!!! Boxers and cowboy boots...Love it!!!
Pa-Grumps the Tickle Monster!!
Right back outside after my bath!