Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I just have to document this because for's hilarious.'s just hilarious!!!!

Cooper: Hey Whitten!  Come talk to me while I go poop.
Whitt:  Agada beulauea kupa (follows Coop to bathroom)
5 minutes later
Me: Coop, are you ready?
Coop: NO, Whitten is reading me a book
Whitt: Yadme amelaie seiogke (standing in front of cooper "reading" Pat the Bunny and flipping pages)
Coop: Mom, after Whitten reads me a book, we are going to go on an it's gonna take a long time.

I love that these boys are attached at the hip!  But keeping each other company in the bathroom....I mean!!!!!

Cooper's 4 year stats!

4 year stats
Weight: 37 lbs-50%
Height: 41.5 inches- 85-90%

3 year stats
33 lbs- 65%
38.5- 65 %

In one year you have gained 4 lbs. and grown 3 inches!  Looks like you have stretched out and leaned out a little bit!

This was the big FIVE shot appointment!  Yuck!  We've been talking to Cooper about it for quite sometime so that he wouldn't be surprised during the check up!  The last time he had to get a shot was about 4 months ago for strep.  And it was not pretty.  He kicked and screamed, pulled the nurses hair!  I finally had to lie down on top of  him and we had to call in an extra nurse for back up!  Yes, like I said, it was ugly!  I was expecting him to do the same this time, but I am happy to say that he did awesome!  However, from the moment he woke up that morning, he was a nervous wreck.  He had a hard time eating breakfast and you could just see the anxiety building up.  He did great during the first part of the appointment.  He wrote his name C-o-o-p-e-r (he actually wrote it correctly with only the first letter capitalized)!!  He drew a funny picture of daddy, passed his hearing and vision test, could balance like a flamingo on both feet, walked on the tightrope, identified the letters and their sounds, and then.....he thought he was finished!!  Not so fast!  We had to wait another couple of minutes for the nurse to come in with the big guns!  As soon as she walked in, Cooper was under the chair!  We only had to ask him once to come out, and he did.  He whimpered a little when Josh put him on the table, but he didn't fight it one bit!  He didn't even wince during the first 2 shots, the 3rd one must've hurt because he screamed bloody murder....but he didn't fight it!  The 4th went smoothly and the 5th had to hurt because there was another blood curdling scream.  Then it was over and we were off to Toy's R Us and then to the lake!!  He did end up with a low grade fever and super sore legs that night and the next morning, but I think being at Nanny and Papa's lake house helped him to heal a little faster!  I've been dreading that appointment for months!  But....he survived!

Preschool Graduation

My baby graduated from PreK-3!!!   He has grown so much this year!  

Cooper on the first day of school!


 I'm sorry....but they are just way too cute for words!

What?! We are going to Pre-K 4 next year?!?  How cool!

Receiving diploma!

Throwing our hat in the air!!!

Cooper and Mrs. Hullender

Ethan, Price and Cooper

Cooper's 4th Birthday Party...

I'm so far behind!!  Hoping to get caught up with our lives from the last couple of weeks!

Cooper celebrated his 4th birthday with a sweet girl from his class named Abigail!  We had it at the Museum of the Southwest and it was lots of fun!!!

Eggless Spiderman cupcake cake!  Why did I even bother paying $65!  Coop didn't eat one single bite!! Oh well!  Lesson learned!  Next  year we will be ordering a regular cake and I will make him a separate mini cake!

 The birthday boy and girl!!

Belyn and Conner

Emily June

Check out clerk!

Mr. Serious



Ethan and Cooper

 Brown, Cooper and Ethan

Miss Allie



Cooper and Brody

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day....and...bugs!

Happy Mother's Day to my sweet momma!  I love you so very much and I am so honored to call you my mom!  We are all so blessed to have you!
This is our first Mother's Day without my Mimi.  I know this must have been very hard on my mom, as we definitely had that "empty seat" feeling at dinner tonight.  She is so very missed.

Well, my Mother's Day was actually quite  uneventful!  We didn't even make it to church because both of the boys were sick!   Whitt was on the tail end of his "yuck" and Cooper was right in the middle of his. He woke up with a fever and was wheezing, so we decided it was best to just lay low!  I got to sleep in (always the best gift ever) and my present was the winnings from a golf tournament Josh played in last weekend.  We are cool like that!  I haven't decided how to spend it yet!  After a much protested nap from Cooper, he woke up feeling a bit off to the dear lease my boys went!  While they were away, I ran and then cleaned up the house (1/2 of it anyway)!  Again, we are cool like that!  It doesn't sound all that relaxing, but it actually was!  We enjoyed a nice home cooked meal at my parent's house (made by my brother)!  Came home, chunked Whitten in bed......and got to play with a really HUGE, gross grasshopper that Cooper caught at the dear lease!

I didn't get any pictures of me an the boys together....FAIL!!!  I didn't get ready today...and looked pretty I thought we might try it another day!

I'm so very thankful to be the mommy to my two precious boys!  They bring such joy and happiness to my life!  Thank you to all 3 of my boys for loving me on this special day!!