Thursday, May 29, 2014

Whitt's 3 year birthday pics!

What in the world!  I certainly haven't kept up with this blog very well lately, but I was looking for Whitt's 3 year old birthday update...and I couldn't find it! : (

So...8 months late!  I'm sorry, sweet Whitt!  Life has been crazy!  

8 months later, some things are different, but many things are still the same!  You are still my precious Whitt that just lights up a room with your dimples!  You are so silly...and you know it!  I'm pretty sure you are our comedian in training!  You love to have your back scratched and kissed.  But getting a kiss from you on the lips is difficult!  You are stingy with your lovin', but when you are in the mood....oh my goodness!  I could just eat you up!  You absolutely love your brother!  You both can play for hours together!  Not to say that you never get upset with each other, but for the most part, it's sweetness and lots of fun and giggles!  So, what are you up to...
  • You can cross your eyes like nobody's business
  • Your best friend is Matthew!
  • You are just now, at 3 yrs and 8, months really enjoying playing with kids you don't know.  You used to be super timid when others were around, but now you will initiate play and conversation with other kids
  • You got glasses right after your 3rd birthday.  You have astigmatism and are far sighted! runs in the family!  But glasses totally fit your personality
  • A lot of people say you look just like your daddy...and you do!  But our baby pictures look a lot a like!
  • You LOVE Umi-Zoomi!  It's your all time favorite and has been for about a year!You are SO smart!  You have about 50 sight words and are able to read different word, sat, mat, pat.....

You are your own person!  You are strong and independent!  You are so beautiful....or as you would say, no I'm not...I'm handsome!  You give me such joy and every time I look at you, you always put a smile on my face! I would love nothing more than for you to stay 3 years old forever....but I can't wait to see who you will grow up to be!